EEP Participants at the Fall 2010 Exposition

Pictured from Left to Right: Jeffrey Davis,  Carl Gardner, Joe Davis, Diana Calderon, John Cosby,
Ivan Arabo, Derek Jackson, Michael Riendeau, Reid Sund,  Marcus Jackson, Luke Harmon


 Entrepreneur Enrichment Program Finalists for 2010/2011


John Cosby, MBA Student

John is a MBA student with 20 year experience in leadership of nonprofit organizations. His EEP Project is "" which provides up to date live video and text updates of the border traffic conditions at the San Ysidro / Tijuana crossing and has the potential of scaling to all US, Mexico and Canada Crossing. The project seeks to generate profit through the sale of VIP memberships to SENTRI pass holders and the sale of strategically placed adds.This project is a social purpose partnership with Project Mexico where 30% of profit will be donated to the charity to cover ongoing operational expenses. The site was launched 5 months ago and is currently being used by approximately 400 users per day representing 2,500 hits per day. The technology applied for this project is working well. The users like the site and are spending an average of 6 minutes on the site per visit, The challenge for us will be to figure out how to make this innovative application of technology profitable and lay out a plan for scaling it to border crossings where commuters have long waits and would love to know how the traffic conditions are prior to leaving their home, school or office. John's passion is to find ways to use business to generate a steady stream of cash to cover ongoing operational costs of non profit projects worldwide. You may reach John at , or

 Carl Gardner, 2010 Alum
Gardner Biofuels

A product of Maryland, Carl Gardner grew up in Livermore California, a suburb of San Francisco. After graduating from high school, Gardner joined the US Marine Corps where he honorably served as a rifleman.  He is a 2010 graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University where he earned a BA in Business Administration with emphasis in entrepreneurial finance.  Gardner begun his professional career at Digitaria, a full service digital agency downtown San Diego. He works with the strategy and insights team to implement Digitaria's proprietary processes, Digital Brand Migration. He has worked with notable clients such as Qualcomm, CNN, DreamWorks and Athletic Propulsion Labs.

Benevolent Barley Company combines a not for profit cause with a for-profit company connected through a common healthy product. Based out of Nairobi, Kenya, Benevolent Barley Co. and its partners will capitalize on the rising status and quality of East African barley growers, and help bring subsistence farmers out of poverty by helping them grow high quality “heirloom” barley unique to Africa, producing a distinctive flavor, bouquet and texture from other mass-produced barleys. Benevolent Barley will create a grower cooperative to process the barley for shipment in both in bulk and processed form, direct to consumers throughout the world. With the advent of alternative diets and products utilizing wholesome products, barley is a rising commodity “all-star” in many global markets. Now, gourmet barley products are used for a wide variety of gourmet products including health products, vegetarian meals, dietary supplements, beverages, confections, soups, and other popular products. Barley is known as a “nutritional powerhouse” packed with fiber, naturally cholesterol-free, low fat and is very high in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Also, new research points to barley as an important anti Type 2 diabetes supplement. By teaming with non-profits based in Europe and the U.S., Benevolent Barley Company will creating a new partnership between the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

 Luke Harmon, Business Administration Major

Luke Harmon, a senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Finance, has partnered with his father, Dr. Kirk Harmon and software developer, Nathan Dye to create their EEP project “eHipp”. “eHipp” is a web-based software tool with charting and decision support features (patent-pending). Intended for use by medical providers, its purpose is to enhance medical excellence through electronic medical record (EMR) generation in the outpatient setting. Seeking adoption in the area or outpatient medicine, “eHipp” will pursue metrics demonstrating value as they begin launching. You can reach Luke at



 Derek Jackson,  Business Administration / Music Major
Marcus Jackson, 2006 Graduate, Business Administration

As the sons of a successful choir director and vocal instructor, Fortegigs co-founders Marcus Jackson and Derek Jackson are two brothers who grew up surrounded by music. Marcus played piano as a young child, and as the years progressed he discovered his passion for vocal performance. Derek was raised learning the violin and had the opportunity to take lessons from various members of the San Diego Symphony including the concert master, Jeff Thayer.The summer before Derek’s senior year, Marcus asked Derek how he came across people who needed entertainment for a function and after Derek replied, “word of mouth” an idea was formed. The question--How can we provide accessible, quality entertainment to San Diego, while promoting San Diego’s premiere college musicians? The answer—Fortegigs! Fortegigs is a platform for the talented, college musician to be introduced to their community while providing community members easy access to excellent entertainment. To our customers we have the privilege of meeting all your event needs and providing you with entertainment made easy!


 Reid Sund, Accounting

Reid Sund graduated in December as an accounting major from PLNU. Since graduating he has been working for the Department of Health and Human Services as an Auditor. Reid’s business concept is, an online resource for seniors or those seeking care for seniors to find the right care giver. The website will be developed by partnering with universities and getting students connected with seniors that need non-medical care giving on a weekly or daily basis. The site will also be available to medical care givers and care giving organizations that need a platform to promote their services. Reid has been connecting students with seniors in San Diego for 2 years, and is very passionate about providing seniors with the right care. With over 350,000 seniors in San Diego and almost as many care givers, CareConnection will be the one stop shop to find the right care.  The website will allow care givers to create a detailed profile highlighting their specific skills, availability, and interests. Likewise, those seeking care can post jobs or contact a care giver that we identify as a good fit for them.