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Thanks again to the many folks on campus who were so helpful in allowing us to host these two big speech and debate tournaments this past weekend. We had almost 40 colleges and universities attend from throughout the country (and three teams from China), and they expressed their genuine appreciation for the effort that goes into hosting these functions. We greatly appreciate the hard work from all of our support services folks and building area coordinators. It is hard to say whether we heard more compliments on the beautiful campus and view, the amazing catering, or the smoothness of all those events taking place on virtually every room on campus throughout the weekend.

But with so many hundreds of guests here 14 hours or more per day, we understand that there will inevitably be inconveniences that slip by our fine custodial staff due to the late hour we finish on Sunday night, and even by our student workers who do their best to restore order from chaos. So please accept our apologies for these inconveniences, and our thanks for your continued support and stewardship. Schools from around the country often use this as their reward tournament for their students, who work so hard and do so well throughout the rest of the year. And we met with some terrific recruits for next fall, and I am sure planted dreams with others. Now that we have so many graduate programs, that opens doors for recruits from four year schools as well.

As a host, I feel a little guilty though that our own students did so well this year. Normally they are so busy working they do not get a chance to compete much when we host. But we had so many other student workers lined up this year it worked out and they excelled. In fact in Parliamentary Debate we had four of our five senior teams advance to elimination rounds, where two won their way to the Semi Final round (the top four teams), and one of our teams (Caleb Moore and Thomas Routson) won the Championship Round for the first time in our school's history of about 20 years of hosting this challenging event. That combination of results may make this our strongest tournament of the year and could advance our chances of placing well in the national sweepstakes race for the end of the year.

Here are the other PLNU results.

Open Division Parliamentary Debate Caleb Moore and Thomas Routson – First Place Champions Nick Kjeldgaard and Mackenzie Leveque­ – Semifinalist Ali Cleveland and Gabby Kaufmann – Octofinalist Montana Massone and Julia Shotwell – Double Octofinalist Open Speaker Awards: Caleb Moore – Third Place Junior Division Parliamentary Debate Tyler Schoenick and Nicol Tanaka – Octofinalist Junior Speaker Awards: Hannah Kurowski – Sixth Place Tyler Schoenick – Ninth Place Senior NFA-LD Debate Thomas Routson – Quarterfinalist Round Robin Speaker Awards: Caleb Moore – Fourth Place Thomas Routson – Seventh Place

PLNU - Hosted Tournament 2 days