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 This past weekend the PLNU Speech and Debate team took 2nd place amongst 4 year colleges and universities at the Western States Communication Association tournament held in conjunction with our discipline's regional professional conference, hosted by SDSU. Pt Loma was competing against schools from across California, Nevada, Utah, etc. . .   

Seven of the eight PLNU teams entered cleared to the elimination rounds, and four of those teams closed out the Junior Division of debate, meaning they were the only teams left competing in the semi final round, so they tied for first place.   In fact those four teams only lost two rounds combined in 5 preliminary rounds and 4 elimination rounds for the four teams combined.  By the way, only two of those 18 students had 3 years of collegiate experience, and 8 of them were in their first year of college competition.

Here are the results:

Senior Parli:

  •  McKenzie Leveque and Autumn Schultz  - Advanced through Octas, and dropped in Quarters.

Junior Parl:

  • Ali Cleveland and Montana Massone - Tied for First (top seed - undefeated)
  • Diana Aguilar and Genevieve Aguilar - Tied for First (second seed - undefeated)
  • Jack Gillette and Karina Guerrero - Tied for First (third seed - lost one preliminary round)
  • Gabby Kaufman and Julia Shotwell - Tied for First (third seed - lost one preliminary round)
  • Sarah DiSalvo and Ronnie Watkins - Dropped in Octas
  • Caleb Danielson and Nicole Tanaka - Dropped in Octas

Junior Speaker Awards:

  • Ali Cleveland - Top Speaker
  • Sarah DiSalvo - Second Speaker
  • Montana Massone - Fourth Speaker
  • Julia Shotwell -  Eighth Speaker 
  • Diana Auguilar - Ninth Speaker

Special thanks to coach in charge Professor Ashley Nuckels, alumni Haley Courtney and Kasey Graves, and peer coaches and judges Ged Valenzuela, Caleb Moore, and Thomas Routson. 


The Point Loma Speech and Debate team competed against 34 colleges and universities at the PSCFA Spring Championship hosted this past weekend at Moorpark College.  Six of our teams advanced to the elimination rounds, with the Senior team of Caleb Moore and Brandon West winning First Place going undefeated in four preliminary rounds and four elimination rounds.  And after correcting for a tabulation error it was discovered that Brandon won Top Speaker, and Caleb won Second Place Speaker.

Congrats also to team president and senior Brandon West who won the Bovero Award Second Place award for top seniors throughout their PSCFA four year career, and a cash stipend.

This week Brandon was also named to American National Team with two other American Debaters to debate the Irish National Debate team in a long standing ceremonial exhibition match to be held at NPDA Nationals next month at CSU Long Beach.

In Parliamentary Team debate, six PLNU teams advanced to the medal rounds, winning three Golds, one Silver medal and two Bronzes.     

Named to the PSCFA All-Academic Team from PLNU for maintaining a 3.75 GPA and competing in a full slate of tournaments were:

Heritage Ganasi

Jack Gillette, and

Olivia Neidhart    

Here are the specific forensics awards won by PLNU students.

In Parliamentary Team Debate: (6 of our teams advanced to the elimination rounds)

Senior Division:

Caleb Moore  and Brandon West–  Gold Medals (They then won the two follow up debates between the four gold medal teams in semi-finals and then finals, to be named the tournament’s overall champions).

               Nick Kjeldgaard and Thomas Routson –  Silver Medals

               Jack Gillette and Karina Guerrero– Bronze Medals

               Ali Cleveland and Montana Massone – Bronze Medals

Junior Division:                                                                                   

               Diana and Genevieve Aguilar– Gold Medals

               Heritage Ganasi and Hannah Snowden – Gold Medals

Speaker Awards:

               Brandon West – 1st Place Speaker in Senior Division

               Caleb Moore – 2nd Place Speaker in Senior Division

               Genevieve Aguilar 2nd Place Speaker in Junior Division

Although we had slipped to 2nd place in the NPDA National Sweepstakes race last week based on a tournament that we could not attend, we believe that this tournament’s results should have moved us back into first place, at least temporarily.  There are strong competitors doing well, and several weeks still remaining in the season.  Fingers crossed.

Special thanks to Professor Lorina Schrauger, and alumni Kasey Graves and Haley Courtney and all the students for their hard work.  We had a great time, learned a lot, and had some great interactions with students.  And thanks to each of you for your continued support of these students.

PSCFA Spring Championship

We are winding down the 2016 Sunset Cliffs Classic here late on a Sunday night, and again enjoying how much fun our guests had on what I am convinced is the most beautiful campus in the country, with the finest weather around.  What I sometimes take for granted, is greatly appreciated by our many guests from over 30 colleges and universities from across the country, and three different universities in China this year.


We want to pass along our thanks and theirs for PLNU's stewardship and hospitality and the extra work taken on  to make this event possible.  We gave away hundreds of beautiful trophies and medals, but three very special awards and scholarship offers went to top community college recipients, including the top Community College debate award winner who had already determined he wanted to transfer to PLNU in the Fall. We saw this win as a promising confirmation of the wisdom of that decision. 


And though most of our students were busy doing the heavy lifting of hosting these events, some of our top students won top honors as competitors.

At the Round Robin Tournament of Excellence on Friday, PLNU students Brandon West and Caleb Moore advanced to the final round where they came in Second Place, and Brandon West won tenth place speaker of the tournament.

At the Sunset Cliffs Classic Saturday and Sunday, PLNU students won the following awards:

  • Brandon West: Top Senior Parliamentary Debate Speaker of the tournament, in an event once nicknamed the Bloodbath by the Beach for its competitiveness.
  • Brandon West and Caleb Moore advanced to the Quarter Final round in Senior Parli Debate
  • Nick Kjeldgaard and Thomas Routson advanced to Octa Finals in Senior Parli.
  • Autumn Schultz and McKenzie Leveque advanced to Double Octa Finals in Senior Parli

In Lincoln Douglas debate at the Sunset Cliffs Classic PLNU were four of the top eight competitors and did the following;

  • Thomas Routson dropped in the final round for Second Place.
  • Alan Jacques dropped in Semi Finals for Third Place
  • Nick Kjeldgaard dropped in Quarter Finals for Fourth Place
  • Gabby Kaufman dropped in Quarter Finals for Fourth Place

​I want to thank the wonderful students on our team who stayed late each night to help clean and rearrange all that they could take care of, and our amazing custodial staff, Public Safety, Catering Services, Move Crew, Media and Computer Services, building area coordinators, Nicholson staff, Conference Services, and special thanks to Professors Lorina Schrauger and Ashley Nuckels Cuevas from our department for helping to run these two huge events, and so many of our alumni who came back to help as well.​  And as always, our apologies to any of you on campus who may have been inconvenienced.  Thanks for understanding that it is difficult to have 400-500 folks on campus for several 14 hour days of non stop use in most of our buildings without showing some wear and tear.  But please know though that this helps support a tremendous life empowering activity, and a very appreciative community who looks forward to this event each year.

Point Loma Nazarene University