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Point Loma Round Robin: Tournament of Champions


On February 12, 2016 Point Loma Nazarene University will host the 19th Annual Point Loma Round Robin Tournament of Champions.  This one-day event matches 10 of the top NPDA schools against each other in a modified round robin format.


Philosophy & History: 

This tournament was begun in 1998 for several reasons. We saw a need for a tournament that gathered the best of the nation's debaters together with the idea of providing a pleasant environment, multiple quality judges per round for excellent feedback and tips on improvement, and nicely catered meals to celebrate those that have risen to the top of our activity. The tournament would not only offer a nice opportunity for iron to sharpen iron metaphorically speaking, but it creates a nice learning atmosphere for others to watch and learn from those who have consistently reached a high level of success. The goal then was and the goal now is to serve the community in several areas. The top teams could improve by debating other top teams, creating a nice warm-up prior to Nationals. Beginning teams could improve by watching some of these stellar matches. And the entire community could benefit from a strong field of competition at the Sunset Cliffs Classic, which immediately follows the Round Robin and usually includes all the Round Robin Tournament of Champions teams in the Open Division of competition. We thank you all for your support in past years and look forward to your continued participation in upcoming years.



The 10 schools will be divided into two pools of five teams, and will debate every team in their pool.  Pools will be rank ordered, and seeded on win-loss records, ballots, speaker points from rounds 1-5. The top two winners will advance to semifinals, power protecting the teams as they hit the top two teams from the other pool.  The winner of each of those semifinal debates will meet in the Final Round to be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Cunningham A & B Nicholson Student Center. This public debate is open to the community.



The following schools have been selected to participate in this year's upcoming tournament, based upon a competitive bid process. 


2016 Point Loma Round Robin Tournament of Champions Field

1. Biola University

2. Cal State University of Long Beach

3. Concordia, Irvine

4. El Camino College

5. Grand Canyon University

6. Mercer University

7. Northern Arizona University

8. Point Loma Nazarene University

9. University of the Pacific

10. University of Utah

Alternate Team(s):

1. San Diego State University


A charge of $100 dollars per team will be assessed and every team is required to provide a qualified critic for each round through finals.  Catered meals will be provided.  Checks can be made payable to PLNU and please notated Speech and Debate Tournament somewhere on the check.



Here is a tentative schedule of events for the Round Robin.  Audiences are MORE than welcome at all of these events.  You are encouraged to attend! All meals though are reserved for the participants.  Thanks for understanding.  Closest parking will be in the Commuter Lot/Parking Structure across from Ryan Learning Center.  


8:00-8:30     Registration/Breakfast -- Cunningham in Nicholson Student Center

8:30 - Topic Announce

8:50-9:35 - Round 1 Debates

9:55 - Topic Announce

10:15-11:00 - Round 2 Debates

11:20 - Topic Announce

11:40-12:25 - Round 3 Debates

12:45-1:30 - LUNCH

1:30 - Topic Announce

1:50-2:35 - Round 4 Debates

2:55 - Topic Announce

3:15-4:00 - Round 5 Debates

4:40 - Topic Announce

5:00-5:45 - Semifinal Rounds

5:45-7:15 - DINNER

7:15 - Topic Announce

7:35-8:20 - Final Round


Resolutions and Resolution Areas


The resolutions will be drawn primarily from the President’s most recent State of the Union Address, and may be in any format, such as fact, value, policy, metaphor or even possibly case scenarios.  They are usually policy questions though focusing on these issues from the President’s speech. Suggestions for resolutions from this source can be submitted via e mail to the Tournament Director at up to several days prior to the actual tournament.  These recommendations will also be considered for the Sunset Cliffs Classic parliamentary topics, though British Parliamentary debate will not necessarily focus on these areas.


Rules and Guidelines


First and foremost we are governed by the rules of the campus, which for example disallow smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, recreational use of drugs, sexual harassment, etc. . .   Then we will make every attempt to follow NPDA sanctioned practices, though the Tournament Director reserves the right to make changes from those practices if circumstances call for it.  For example, we are governed by a tight schedule due to catering demands, so we hope no time consuming formal protests are followed, and if they are, we will attempt to resolve those as fairly and quickly as possible, but will not be bound by NPDA appeals procedures as this is not the NPDA National Tournament.

Tournament Hotel: Wyndham Garden San Diego near Seaworld, 3737 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, 92110

Contact Richard Lopez in Sales,   at (619) 881-6103 for current rates.

Point Loma Nazarene University