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Two of our top debate teams just competed at a high level in two very difficult tournaments at the University of Utah this holiday weekend.


Team President and Senior Chris Danks and his Freshman partner Caleb Moore barely missed advancing to the elimination round of the first tournament, and went on to advance to and win in the elimination bracket at the next tournament, the next day.


Returning Sophomore debaters Joshua Gilbert and Brandon West advanced to the elimination rounds in both of these contests.  Advancing to the elimination rounds in three of the four opportunities to compete this past weekend is the best showing for PLNU debate in many years at this extremely tough national circuit tournament with almost a hundred teams competing in the Senior division, and a great way to begin the Spring semester.


Thanks so much for working with the students that had to miss a few classes on Friday and Tuesday due to the long drive.  Special thanks to graduate student MacLean Andrews who helped in the coaching, judging and driving.

University of Utah