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 The PLNU Forensics Team (speech and debate) won First Place Sweepstakes in the 4 year school Sweepstakes category at this past weekend’s Concordia Irvine Jannese Davidson Speech and Debate Tournament in Irvine, competing with over 25 colleges and universities across the state from smaller private schools like Concordia and APU, to much larger State universities like SDSU, CSULB and Berkeley, as well as some amazingly talented and well coached Community College teams like El Camino, Grossmont and Irvine Valley College.


Point Loma’s team was led by Senior and Team President Caleb Moore, who was named Top Speaker in the Senior Division of the toughest division of parliamentary debate, going undefeated in preliminary rounds with his partner Senior Thomas Routson. They advanced to the final round before losing, and Caleb also won third place in IPDA Senior Division of Lincoln Douglas Debate for a Semi Finalist award.


The specific team members honors awarded are shown below. 


Novice Division Parliamentary Debate 

- Jake Bikle and Hannah Kurowski - Semi Finals

- Tyler Schoenick and Nicole Tanaka - Octa Finals


Novice Speaker Award

- Nicole Tanaka   2nd Place Speaker


Junior Division Parliamentary Debate – Point Loma Closed Out Finals: Two PLNU teams tied for First Place

Nathaniel Hosmer and Sam Jones – Junior Champion

Lucie Gillette and James Lakey – Junior Champion


Junior Speaker Awards

Nathanial Hosmer – Top Speaker

Sarah DiSalvo – 2nd Place Speaker

James Lakey – 4th Place Speaker

Sam Jones -     6th Place Speaker

Lucie Gillette – 7th Place Speaker

Hugo Avalos – 9th  Place Speaker


Open Division Parliamentary Debate


    - Caleb Moore and Thomas Routson  Second Place

    - Nick Kjeldgaard and Kenzie Leveque - Semi Finalists


Senior Speaker Awards 

-        Caleb Moore  - Top Speaker

-        Ali Cleveland – 2nd Place Speaker

-        Nick Kjeldgaard – 3rd Place Speaker 


Open Division Lincoln Douglas debate five way close out - All Four Semi Finalists plus one quarter finalist team are from PLNU


Tied for First place:

Thomas Routson - Tied for Champion

Lucie Gillette -   Tied for Champion

Heritage Ganasi -   Tied for Champion

Gabby Kaufman -   Tied for Champion

Ali Cleveland - Tied for Champion


Open Division IPDA Debate 

Caleb Moore - Semi Finalist


Extemporaneous Speaking

   Senior Division

            McKenzie Leveque – 4th Place

   Novice Division

            Nathaniel Hosmer – Novice Champion – First Place

Impromptu Speaking


Novice Division

            Jake Bikle - Finalist

            Nicole Tanaka - Finalist


Special thanks to our coaches and alumni (Prof Ashley Nuckels Cuevas, Brandon West, Haley Courtney, and Jonathan Veal) who work each week with these amazing students, and others who help serve as judges at the tournaments.

Concordia Irvine

The PLNU Forensics Team (speech and debate) just completed its first full service tournament or tournaments of the year this past Friday through Sunday at San Diego State University, winning First Place Sweepstakes in the 4 year school Debate Sweepstakes category.

The specific honors awarded are shown below. Many of these award winning students are incoming freshmen, several from the new Humanities Honors Program, which is already helping in our recruiting efforts. There was no Junior Division of debate, so many of our freshmen with some high school experience were thrown into the Open Divisions of competition. It is a tough way to jump into college competition but they did well.

By the way, PLNU has won the NPDA Nationwide Sweepstakes race 5 times in the past 14 years against hundreds of top colleges and universities across the nation both small and large, including winning the National Championship last year. Attached is a summary of the past 20 years of the cumulative results of this award for the top 20 schools in the nation each year, showing PLNU debaters are ranked first in the nation for the last 20 years in this format of intercollegiate debate, the most popular in the country. We are grateful for the continued support of the school and our alumni. Special thanks to the faculty for working with students participating in this intensive learning activity, which sometime encroaches in valuable classroom time. Please know that we attempt to keep these conflicts to a minimum.

SDSU Aztec Invitational Friday Sept 30th - Saturday October 1st, 2016

Debate Sweepstakes 4 Year College Division First Place

Novice Division Parliamentary Debate

Closing out Final Round: Tied for First Place: Jake Bikle and Hannah Kurowski Tyler Schoenick and Nicole Tanaka

Novice Speaker Award Hannah Kurowski Sixth Speaker

Open Division Parliamentary Debate

Finalists: Second Place Caleb Moore and Thomas Routson

Semi Finalists: Third Place Ali Cleveland and Gabby Kaufman Nick Kjeldgaard and Kenzie Leveque

Octa Finalists: Fifth Place Heritage Ganasi and Hannah Snowden

Senior Speaker Awards Caleb Moore Fourth Speaker Nick Kjeldgaard Fifth Speaker

Palomar College Mills Invitational Sunday Oct 2, 2016

Open Division Lincoln Douglas debate four way close out - All Four Semi Finalists Tied for First place: Lucie Gillette - Gold Medalist Gabby Kaufman - Gold Medalist Ali Cleveland - Gold Medalist Thomas Routson - Gold Medalist

Lincoln Douglas Debate Speaker Awards: Thomas Routson 2nd Speaker Gabby Kaufman 3rd Speaker Lucie Gillette 4th Speaker Ali Cleveland 5th Speaker

Open Division IPDA Debate Caleb Moore - Bronze Medalist Hannah Snowden - Bronze Medalist

IPDA Speaker Awards: Caleb 5th Speaker

Extemporaneous Speaking:

Senior Division Nick Kjeldgaard First Place

Novice Division Nathaniel Hosmer Fourth Place Special thanks to our coaches and alumni (Prof Ashley Nuckels Cuevas, Brandon West, Haley Courtney, and Johnathan Veal) who work each week with these amazing students, and others who help serve as judges at the tournaments.


 Results from debate Scrimmage at  El Camino College, PLNU's first debate competition of the year. 

All 8 Point Loma teams in Novice, Junior and Senior were within at least one victory of earning a certificate.  

The following three teams were awarded Certificates of Excellence:

  • Open Division: Ali Cleveland and Gabby Kaufman
  • Junior: Sam Jones and Nathaniel Hosmer
  • Junior: Sarah DeSalvo and Hugo Avalos 

​We have a wonderful group of students this year.  Many of them are fairly new.   All of us appreciate your continued support as a community. ​

El Camino College

This past weekend at C S U Long Beach, the PLNU Debate team won First Place in the NPDA National Championship for parliamentary debate as compiled by the National Parliamentary Debate Association for the academic year 2015 - 2016.  The top 31 teams are shown below, out of the 199 colleges and universities that compete in this format of intercollegiate debate, the largest format in the country.  

PLNU has won this honor four other times in the past 14 years (2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, and now 2016). PLNU has also won the NPDA National Championship for Tournament Sweepstakes (1999), top speaker at NPDA Nationals (Katie Angliss, 2001), and for the top team that went undefeated through 8 preliminary rounds, and 7 elimination rounds ( Griffith Vertican and Tim Kamermayer, 2007)

Our students also had a tremendous National Championship Tournament this past weekend, winning the 11th place overall sweepstakes award, thanks to three teams advancing to the elimination round.  Two other teams narrowly missed advancing to elimination rounds by just one win. And our remaining team just missed by two rounds of the 8 preliminary rounds.

Julia Shotwell and Gabby Kaufman (both freshmen) went 4/4 in the 8 preliminary rounds.
Autumn Shultz and MacKenzie Leveque also went 4/4.

Brandon West and Caleb Moore went 6/2 and advanced to the second Elimination round, after having advanced to the third elimination round of the prestigious NPTE National Championship just a few days earlier.  That is almost 20 high powered debate rounds in less than a week.

Nick Kjeldgaard and Thomas Routson went 5/3 and advanced to the second elimination round.

And Freshman Ali Cleveland and Sophomore Montana Massone went 5/3 in preliminary rounds, then advanced through some very trying elimination rounds 1- 3 to finally drop in Octa Finals, beating some outstanding teams along the way and only dropping on a split decision to the Southern Illinois University team that would then advance to the tournament's final round where SIU dropped to William Jewel.  This is an amazing accomplishment for two students with so little senior division experience, and promises good things for the future of PLNU debate.

The accomplishments this year and at this tournament for this hard working team are due in large part to the hard work and strong leadership of Professors Lorina Schrauger and Ashley Nuckels Cuevas, Alumni volunteers Kasey Graves and Haley Courtney amongst other alumni throughout the year, and the student leadership of Brandon West and Caleb Moore.

And this yearlong National Championship further solidifies PLNU's hold as the number one team in the nation at an aggregate level for the past 20 years in the year long sweepstakes race from figures compiled from the National Parliamentary Debate Association (available upon request). 

On behalf of the students and coaches on the team, we want to thank you all for your continued support of this life empowering activity.  We will be sad to say goodbye to our graduating seniors, but are excited to welcome in the next group of recruits to the Point Loma forensics family.

NPDA Yearlong National Rankings 2015 2016​

Rank / School / Points

1 Pt. Loma 145.51

2Univ of Texas - Tyler 136.26

3 USAFA 126.83

4 Washburn 121.18

5 Irvine Valley College 118.42

6 Morehouse 117.50

7 Univ of Pacific 116.00

8 Univ of Utah 115.65

9 Univ of Oregon 113.14

10 Santa Rosa Junior College 113.08

11 CSU Long Beach 109.29

12 Lewis Clark College 105.99

13 El Camino Comm College 104.91

14 Concordia-Irvine 104.54

15 Univ Nevada - Reno 100.65

16 Colorado Christian 94.85

17 William Jewell 94.50

18 Western Washington 94.14

19 Cedarville 91.00

20 Modesto Junior College 82.08

21 College of Idaho 81.58

22 Rice 76.51

23 Diablo Valley College 69.14

24 Mercer 68.83

25 Grand Canyon Univ 68.55

26 Tulane University 65.00

27 Texas Christian University 64.17

28 Simpson College 62.92

29 Grove City College 62.75

30 Texas Tech 62.50

31 UC Berkeley 61.67

Long Beach

We had the pleasure over this past four day weekend of hosting over 20 of the top Christian colleges and universities across the country in the National Christian College Forensics Association National Championship for speech and debate.  Despite some cold, wet and windy moments, our guests had a great time and greatly enjoyed San Diego and our campus. Thanks so much to all of our campus services personnel who help us to sponsor these events. On behalf of our team and our guests, we want to express our sincere appreciation.

PLNU Professor Lorina Tamayo Schrauger was awarded the NCCFA Outstanding Coach of the year.  PLNU was also awarded the Second Place Sweepstakes for large college entries in Debate Sweepstakes.

In Senior Parliamentary Debate Point Loma had 5 of our teams essentially tie for the National Championship, as none of the five dropped a single round in the elimination rounds, where we had 5 of the 8 teams competing in Quarterfinals.  Our 4 top teams each advanced to the four remaining slots in the semifinal rounds, and of course the two in the final round.  Our top senior team of Caleb Moore and Brandon West went undefeated (6 and 0) in preliminary rounds.  Senior, and team president, Brandon West has now won this NCCFA National Championship all three years he entered the tournament, as well as twice being named National Champion in Lincoln Douglas debate.

Parliamentary Team Results:

  • Caleb Moore and Brandon West: Senior Parli Tied for National Championship
  • Thomas Routson and Nick Kjeldgaard: Senior Parli Tied for National Championship
  • Julia Shotwell and Gabby Kaufman: Senior Parli Tied for National Championship
  • Montana Massone and Ali Cleveland: Senior Parli Tied for National Championship
  • Jack Gillette and Karina Guerrero:  Senior Parli Tied for National Championship
  • Allysa Casey and Heritage Ganassi: Junior Parli Quarterfinalists

Parliamentary Speaker Awards:

  • Katrina Guerrero – First Place Speaker Senior Division
  • Brandon West – Third Place Speaker Senior Division
  • Montana Massone – Ninth Place Speaker Senior Division
  • Alysa Casey - Tenth Place Speaker Novice Division

Some of our debaters entered Lincoln Douglas debate as their individual event, and four advanced to the quarter final rounds, with three of those advancing, to Semi Finals, where Brandon triumphed over the remaining non PLNU competitor in one of the semifinal debates, resulting in a three way tie for First Place between Brandon West, Jack Gillette and Nick Kjeldgaard. Both Brandon and Jack are two time winners of this National Championship.

Lincoln Douglas Debate Teams Advancing to the Elimination bracket:

  • Brandon West-  National Lincoln Douglas Co-Champion
  • Jack Gillette – National Lincoln Douglas Co- Champion
  • Nick Kjeldgaard – National Lincoln Douglas Co - Champion
  • Ali Cleveland – Quarter Finalist

Senior Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Nick Kjeldgaard – Fourth Place Speaker
  • McKenzie Leveque – Semi Finalist

Many thanks go out to Professors Lorina Tamayo Schrauger, and Ashley Nuckels Cuevas, as well as our alumni coaches Kasey Graves and Haley Courtney, a number of wonderful alumni judges, and student workers Ged Valenzuela, and Bethany Smith for their amazing work this weekend.

In closing, or as they say, burying the lead, the PLNU debate team returned to First Place in the yearlong NPDA national rankings in the most recently published rankings.  We are crossing our fingers as we await next week’s year ending NPDA National Championship Tournament in Long Beach, recognizing that there are other teams positioned fairly close to us, and several tournaments that have not yet been entered in the national rankings. (Google NPDA Rankings for the original table of all colleges and universities).

  • Pt. Loma Nazarene 136.26
  • Univ of Texas - Tyler 132.55
  • USAF 126.83
  • Irvine Valley College 118.42
  • Washburn 116.56
  • Univ of Utah 115.65
  • 7 Univ of Oregon 113.14
  • Santa Rosa Junior College 113.08
  • Univ of Pacific 110.00
  • 10 CSU Long Beach 109.29
  • 11 Morehouse 108.50
  • 12 Lewis Clark College 105.99
  • 13 El Camino Comm College 104.91
  • 14 Concordia-Irvine 104.54
  • 15 Univ Nevada - Reno 100.65
  • 16 William Jewell 94.50
  • 17 Western Washington 94.14
  • 18 Cedarville 91.00
  • 19 Colorado Christian 89.51
  • 20 Modesto Junior College 82.08
Point Loma Nazarene University