Discipleship Ministries Reference Form


Discipleship Ministrties is considering the person you are recommending to be a senior student mentor in a new peer mentoring program. They have selected you to be a reference because you have been an important person in their life.  Your assistance in filling out the following reference form is greatly appreciated and part of the application/interview process.

This form and any comments shared will be kept confidential.

Senior students will be selected to mentor sophomore students in the 2014-2015 school year.  The students will meet twice per month for conversation, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.  Mentoring matches will be same gendered and based upon shared interest and expectation.  For more information about the Sophomore-Senior student mentoring program, click here.

We take this position seriously as senior student mentors will have significant relational influence with an underclassmen student.

We are looking for mature, Christ-centered applicants who desire to grow in their own faith and connect with others.  Self awareness, healthy boundaries, respect for varying viewpoints and opinions, committment to safety and confidentiallity, and effective communication are skills and values we are looking for.

Please give us your candid feedback.  Your comments are very helpful and will be held in confidence. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

About You
About the Student
all the timemost of the timesometimesrarelyneverunable to judge
Desire to seek after God
Shows self-awareness
Maintains healthy boundaries
Respects varying viewpoints and opinions
Good conversation skills
Willing to submit to leadership
Ability to get along with others
Demonstrates commitment to all areas of involvement
Trusted by their peers and others
Lives with integrity
MasterfulDoes wellOkayDoes poorlyDon't know
Ability to articulate their own faith journey
Ability to actively listen to another person's faith story
Ability to create conversation pertaining to the spiritual life with another person
This student, if chosen, will be a leader, both spiritually and relationally.

Please share your opinion of the applicant’s ability to lead peers and engage with them socially.

Please share how you've seen the applicant address conflict (relational, emotional, etc):
What are any areas of improvement, concern, or red flags:
Any further thoughts on the applicant's ability to be an effective and committed senior student mentor to an underclassmen