PLNU is committed to stewardship of resources at all levels. As our students move from the academic world to the professional world, we equip them with the knowledge of stewardship through their participation in the on-campus recycling program. PLNU believes that a program alone cannot create change. Change happens when people participate in a program they believe in. We set policy goals that incorporate the idea that people and programs are interdependent. Shaping our students into avid stewards, while providing programs for them to participate in, is our primary environmental policy.  This award-winning recycling program owes its success to the students, staff, faculty, and community members that have helped implement the recycling program.

What Is Recyclable?

At PLNU, all students receive a blue recycling bin in their dorm room. Around campus you'll see assorted recycling bins right next to trash cans. Blue recycling bins are in classrooms and administrative buildings, too. Have you ever wondered what you can toss into a recycling bin? Here's the list:
 including mixed paper, envelopes, magazines, term papers, post-it notes, and paper packaging.

 Boxes should be flattened and emptied of plastic and food. Pizza boxes can be recycled as long as there is not food in the box.

 Plastics # 1-6 including (but not limited to):
  •  Bottles and Jugs (#1 and #2)
  •  Grocery Bags (#2 and #4)
  •  Tupperware Containers (#5 Plastics)
  •  Yogurt Containers (#5 Plastics)
  • Clear Clamshell to-go containers (#6 Plastics)
  •  Clear to-go cups (#1 or #5)
Soup cans, soda cans, and tin cans can all be recycled in the blue recycle bin!
Only glass that is from bottles or jars is recyclable in the blue recycle bin.

Non-Blue Bin Recycling

Not everything that is recyclable can be tossed in a blue recycling bin. Some items that you should recycle must be recycled in other ways. Please contact PLNU Recycling at to schedule a pickup of non-blue bin recyclables.
Items to Reuse and Donate
You can reuse or donate your WORKING COMPUTER , TELEVISION , STEREO , and other electronic devices. Also CLOTHES , SHOES , BLANKETS , BEDDING , and DRY TOWELS should be reused or donated. Other items such as LAMPS , CLOCKS , RADIOS , and BOOKS are also fair game to reuse or donate.

Please only donate working and usable items. You can put these items in donations bins when available and email for a pickup. If you have doubts about whether an item can be reused or donated, please email and we'll help you figure it out.
The following items can be recycled, but not in the blue recycling bin. Please contact PLNU Recycling at to schedule a pickup.
All food and napkins from the Dining Hall are taken to the Miramar Greenary and composted.
Batteries, cell phones, ink and toner cartridges
Drop off in wooden containers located in your building.
Larger toner cartridges can be placed in a box and sent to Physical Plant via campus mail.
Non-working electronics
Computers, printers, scanners, speakers, monitors, TV's, alarm clocks, fans, microwaves, and anything else with a plug can be recycled by emailing PLNU Recycling at to schedule a pickup.

Bummer! Not Recyclable

Bummer! Certain items are not recyclable. Please dispose the following non-recyclables in a trashcan. Better still, consider rethinking your shopping and consuming practices so that you remove certain unrecyclables from your life.
  • Candy ruins your teeth
  • Bring your travel mug to Starbucks
  • It's OK to swallow gum
  • To-go boxes usually cannot be recycled

Sugar bugs will thrash your teeth and CANDY WRAPPERS are not recyclable. Used TISSUES and DIRTY PAPER PLATES are kind of gross and also not recyclable. PAPER CUPS including coffee cups are not recyclable - take your reusable travel mug to the coffee shop. STYROFOAM is not recyclable. GUM cannot be recycled in the blue recycling bins or under classroom desks, and it is hard to clean up in either place. WAX PAPER is not recyclable, including MILK and JUICE CARTONS. 

If after reading this web page you still have doubts about what you can and cannot recycle or if for another other reason you need to talk with someone about environmental stewardship, please contact PLNU's Sustainability Officer at
For questions regarding volunteering or job opportunities, you may email