Student Move-Out

End-of-Year Discards Swap Meet

The Task Force has determined that an End-of-Year Discards Swap Meet will be operated during Final Exams Week (Wednesday through Friday, May 11-13) and closing on Monday, May 16. The purposes of this initiative are 

  • to avoid wasting materials that can be used
  • to provide a central place where items can be dropped off so that others on campus who can make use of them may select them before leaving campus for the school year
  • to provide pick-up services as needed
  • to turn over any unclaimed items to the appropriate agencies for responsible distribution

It is expected that among the items handled in this swap meet will be 

  • books and manuals that cannot be resold to/by the bookstore
  • small appliances that students cannot easily store or take home for the summer
  • clean items of clothing
  • small items of furniture

Campus drop-off points and display areas will be announced.