Network 9 - Math, Computer Science, Physics, and Engineering

Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Smee Hall and Terrace

Panel of Professionals ~


Mark Reynolds
Senior Director, New Product Development
Companion Diagnostics and New Technology
Gen-Probe Incorporated

Mark Reynolds graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B. A. in Biochemistry from Pomona College, continuing on to get a Ph. D. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UC San Francisco. This current Senior Director at Gen-Probe Inc., in fact began his career working for this very same company. However, Mr. Reynolds has held a number of other jobs at similar companies where he conducted research in various directorship roles. Over the past ten years, Mark has applied technologies from human genome sequencing and analysis to the early diagnosis of complex diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer. He has also authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications. In his current position with the company, Mr. Reynolds works on next generation platforms and leads new product development, and is developing a new business unit focused on companion diagnostics. He and his wife, Laurie, have two sons and are actively involved as lay leaders at their church. Mr. Reynolds additionally devotes time as an adult leader with the Boy Scouts of America, and enjoys running, cycling, and being near the beach.

Nathan Clark
Developer / Partner
Brand New Box

Nathan Clark’s degree in Industrial Design is a Fine Arts degree, a far cry, as he says, from any Computer Science degree. His development skill he describes as self-taught and motivated by what he saw others doing online. Also highly influential was a design professor’s push toward User-Centered (User Experience) design and classes where he began using the web as a rapid-prototyping and quick-feedback tool. Mr. Clark harnessed these skills when he started his own software development company in 2006. In his current position as a developer and partner at Brand New Box, Mr. Clark develops web-based applications, manages clients and accounts, and writes contracts. When not busy with his work, Mr. Clark says he enjoys sailing and running triathlons with his wife. He and his wife also support their church and its Faith & Work ministry, and support GenerateHope, a sex trafficking ministry.
Steve Austin
Senior Civil Engineer
Unified Port of San Diego

Steve Austin prepared himself for his career as a Civil Engineer with an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Technology from the Lexington Technical Institute and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky. As Senior Civil Engineer for the Unified Port of San Diego, Mr. Austin supervises three Associate Civil Engineers and two Civil Designers. Together, Mr. Austin and his team look after thirty-three public works projects, such as pavement maintenance, shoreline erosion control, marine terminal structure, electrical infrastructure, and energy efficiency, to name just a few. For each project, Mr. Austin involves himself in every stage, guiding planning, estimating and scope development, bidding, and construction management. He has the weighty responsibility of maintaining oversight on project scope, schedule and budget, while also supporting project engineering and management, and construction management.  While he has been a member of a few professional organizations, Mr. Austin’s highest involvement outside work is with his family and grandchildren, and with his church community, in which he is extremely active. He plays tennis once a week and says he loves to sketch and draw.

Thomas A. Lockwood
Technology Services Provider
Port of San Diego

Thomas Lockwood received his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at National University, and received a number of industry certifications, including certifications from Microsoft, Novell, Comptia, and Xiotech. He was also a part of the Novell Worldwide Certification Advisory Council (2003-2004). In his current position as the Technology Services Provider at the Port of San Diego, Mr. Lockwood says he is an administrator for the “complex, multi-segment network infrastructure located around San Diego Bay.” He must also manage the physical and virtual infrastructure of the area, and is responsible for implementing and managing different enterprise and departmental software applications. Mr. Lockwood is additionally tasked with overseeing his company’s internal help desk. Apart from work, Mr. Lockwood supports the FBI Infraguard.
Richard Richison
Solutions Consultant

Richard Richison has built his knowledge for his field by combining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a number of industry specific training classes. He now has13 different Microsoft and Citrix certifications. As a Solutions Consultant for KnowledgeCentrix, Mr. Richison is charged with developing San Diego’s marketplace to contain all the solutions his company provides. He must support and look after the technical pre-sales for the account managers. Additionally, Mr. Richison works alongside account managers and partners to design any new technology that has yet to be deployed. Mr. Richison spends his time outside work both supporting and helping make decisions on the board of directors for Just in Time for Foster Youth, and also provide gratis technical support infrastructure design recommendations for the USO San Diego.

Brandon R. Thompson
Front End Architect
Sony Electronics

Brandon Thompson prepared for his career with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology from CSU San Marcos, which he calls a “blended degree in Media Arts plus Computer Science.” While his predominant occupation is as Front End Architect for Sony, Mr. Thompson also works on the Global Core Architecture Team, and on the Global Analytics Steering Committee. As a Front End Architect, Mr. Thompson manages a team of nine other Front End Developers, and defines the front end specifications and documentation that developers follow for the Sony Electronics e-Commerce Platform. He also provides Solution Architecture for eCommerce initiatives within the Sony Direct, online division, and co-leads technical implementation lead for the Web Analytics Steering Committee.  In addition, Mr. Thompson also drafts white papers for various teams on front-end technical recommendations and subjects. When not busy with work, Mr. Thompson enjoys hiking, trail running, surfing, and backpacking.

Mark Hernberg
Corrosion Engineer
Corrpro Companies, Inc.

Breaking the mold of a typical engineering academic career, Mark Hernberg attained not only a degree in Physics, but also another in Creative Writing. His Physics degree amply prepared him to be a Corrosion Engineer with Corrpro, but he also credits his ability to write as “a huge advantage in the engineering world.” As a Corrosion Engineer, Mr. Hernberg travels around the world to inspect the fuel storage tanks and pipelines belonging to the U.S. Military, all with a central goal of fighting corrosion (“like a superhero…without a cape,” he notes). After meeting with personnel, collecting data, and making repairs, Mr. Hernberg analyzes and reports on his findings, finishing with recommendations and a final technical report which he submits to the Department of Defense. The various tasks his work entails keep Mr. Hernberg’s job fresh and dynamic. While not travelling and working, Mr. Hernberg trains for marathons, triathlons, and other endurance sports, and reads 19th century Russian novels.

Dana A. Avant
Vice-President / Lead Developer
Wisdom Matrix 

Dana Avant combines her Computer Science degree with information from books, journals, seminars and educational courses to ensure that her clients receive attentive and advantageous guidance. At her company, Wisdom Matrix, both Ms. Avant and her husband are principals, and Ms. Avant fills additional roles as Vice President, CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Lead Developer, and Development Team Manager. These titles include responsibilities like ensuring the company’s stance at the leading edge of business processes and technologies. Additionally, Ms. Avant oversees the technical details, estimates, and some marketing for proposals. When providing consultant work for clients, Ms. Avant helps them gauge project requirements, manage technical detail, and program. Ms. Avant notes that she and her husband begin the day praying “for specific clients, current projects, and our team,” including that “a prayer team of 11 people (friends and colleagues) have committed to consistently pray for our company every week.” Developing innovative solutions on-the-job as a web and business consultant in a variety of sectors over the past 20 years is something Ms. Avant credits with equipping her expertise. She has worked with the likes of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Kyocera America, and Injoy (with John Maxwell), and current clients of Wisdom Matrix stretch from San Diego to Europe. Ms. Avant and Wisdom Matrix are members of IEEE Computer Society, Microsoft Partners Program, Google Engage, Professional Women’s Fellowship, and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and East County Chamber of Commerce. With a heart for orphans, disabled, pregnancy care clinics, and apologetics ministries, Ms. Avant and her husband support a number of ministries. She also enjoys time with her husband, traveling, cooking, making jewelry, designing and sewing clothing, and watching NFL and College football and NHL ice hockey.

Willie Bogan
Teacher of Engineering
San Diego High School, School of Science and Technology

Willie Bogan’s extensive educational background, including a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Pomona College, a Master’s degree in Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School, and, a Masters in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, demonstrates the love for learning he has turned into a career. He now teaches engineering at San Diego High School. As an engineering teacher, he teaches Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering, and also coaches the First Robotics team. Outside of his interest in engineering and time spent teaching, Mr. Bogan says that being a graduate of the Naval War College generates an interest in foreign and domestic policy issues, both of which he tries to keep abreast of. He uses his skill to contribute at church, where he is a sound technician.

Andy Berg

Executive Manager
National Electrical Contractors Association, San Diego Chapter

Andy Berg notes the dissonance between his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UC San Diego and his occupation running a Trade Contractors Association, saying “it is safe to say that my choice of major did not match up well with my eventual career.” At the same time, Mr. Berg finds that his education was quite useful, teaching him life-lessons necessary for success like time-management, working and living in groups, self-reliance , and the ability to learn. As Executive Manager for the National Electrical Contractors Association here in San Diego, Mr. Berg is in charge of the association, and involves himself with labor relations, government relations, economic development, and member services. In addition to his work, Mr. Berg is President to the Rancho Pensaquitos Town Council. He additionally serves on construction oversight committees for the San Diego and Poway Unified School District, on a number of Chamber of Commerce Committees, and on the Rancho Pensaquitos YMCA Board.


Date:  Wednesday, November 9
Time:  5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
         5:00 p.m. ~ Check-in
         5:30 p.m. ~ Panel Presentation
         6:30 p.m. ~ Networking Time
Location:  Smee Hall 100 and Terrace


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