Research - HT-RADAR / Homelessness RADAR

SD HT-RADAR is the San Diego Human Trafficking Research & Data Advisory Roundtable.  SD HT RADAR is an informal gathering of the researchers in the San Diego/Tijuana area that have research skills and interest related to human trafficking.  SD HT RADAR is designed to build a collaborative research environment around human trafficking in San Diego/Tijuana, to share data and plan strategically across disciplines and universities, and to impact the region with action-based research.


Homelessness RADAR is the Research & Data Advisory Roundtable, a group that focuses on researching and fighting homelessness issues throughout San Diego, and the world. This website will give you the opportunity browse through intricate research that has been done on homelessness. There will be pages on the best ways to help, telling you where to go and what you can do. RADAR's mission is to bring awareness to homelessness and give the community the most efficient ways then can help.

Why Are People Homeless?

Who is Homeless?





Donate now to make a direct difference to fighting homelessness. Your donation goes to The Regional Task Force On Homelessness San Diego, one of the largest corporations in San Diego making a difference.