Center for Teaching & Learning

At PLNU, we affirm teaching and learning as core elements of the collegiate experience. The Center for Teaching and Learning develops and runs programs to support teaching and learning. Although students are ultimately responsible for their own learning, we recognize the close relationship between teaching excellence and student learning and consider the support of teaching excellence our principal mission.

Approximately 70 percent of PLNU's full-time ranked faculty have earned doctoral or terminal degrees in their field and bring solid academic expertise to the campus and into the classroom. Many of the adjuncts who teach courses are active professionals in their fields who teach as a way of giving back to the community and of helping to shape their future colleagues. Sharing academic and professional expertise with students and mentoring their development into future professionals is an art that must be regularly renewed and that should mature over time.

The Center for Teaching and Learning was established to meet the challenge of sustaining this process and of encouraging full-time and part-time faculty to continue to grow in their teaching craft. In order to attain this goal, the center focuses on four vital aspects of academic life: Access to Research on Teaching and Learning, Creating a Community of Dialogue and Growth, Technology as a Servant of Teaching, and Supporting Students in Transition.

Teaching as a Core Value

Although teaching and learning remain the responsibility of the entire Point Loma community—students, faculty, administration, and staff—Point Loma professors recognize themselves as principally responsible for student learning. Learn more about Teaching as a Core Value

Faculty Resources

Time-tested tips for preparing a syllabus, planning a course, student counseling and support, and much more. Learn more about the Center for Teaching & Learning's faculty resources.