Access to Research on Teaching and Learning

With new research on learning and curriculum appearing every day, today's educators need both access to the research and opportunities to apply it in the classroom.  The Center for Teaching and Learning seeks to offer programs for the faculty which provide a broad perspective on the art and science of teaching.  CTL works with faculty in workshops and one-on-one to create strategic tools to help them design coursework, improve classroom techniques, adapt new techniques to their own classroom situations, and assess the effectiveness of their teaching methods.  CTL houses a library of books and newsletters on teaching as well as its own web pages which contain links to helpful online sources and material along with other teaching and learning sites.  Some of the topics found in the CTL library include: diversity, teaching techniques, grant writing, research, technology, educational theory and mentoring.  Under the teaching techniques heading, books can be found on topics such as motivation in the classroom, using discussion effectively, peer learning, and using case studies, to name just a few.  New books are added continually to support faculty and adjuncts in their desire to learn and to create engaged learning for their students.


Creating a Community of Dialogue and Growth

Whether in formal or informal contexts, intellectual discourse feeds the energy and imagination of faculty and allows the academic community to thrive.  CTL endeavors to create situations where discourse, imagination and new ideas can thrive.  We seek to create spaces where faculty can talk together about their craft, share acquired wisdom, and stimulate thought.  CTL programs such as Teachers Noticing Teachers, reading groups, and on-going workshops are designed as ways of sustaining conversations that can nourish faculty who in turn nourish our students.