The Center for Teaching and Learning in conjunction with members of the Department of Literature, Journalism and Modern Languages held a special session in the Spring of 2004 devoted to Writing in the Disciplines. An increasing number of universities have come to recognize that writing well is a complex skill that students cannot be expected to acquire in one freshman-level course. Faculty outside of English and Literature departments have begun to take responsibility for the continued development of student writing skill by requiring writing of students, by including the quality of that writing as a factor in assignment of grade, and by using writing for formative as well as summative assessment of student ability.

The documents below have been designed to help support Point Loma Nazarene University professors who are interested in making writing an important part of their course requirements.

Why Have Students Write and Where to Start
What to Say and What to Do
Helping Students Write Well
Writing Possibilities
Bloom's Taxonomy

Assignment Criteria
Defining Terms
How to Grade Papers Easily

Fifteen Assignments to Practice the Work of Writing
Grading Rubrics
Writing Intensive Courses
Making Comments on Student Papers