Possibilities for Assigned Writing

Speech before student government
Written proposal to director of university’s office of community service programs
Editorial in the college / local paper to motivate student involvement in …
Annotated bibliography
Explanation of how to do something
Proposing a new program
Proposing a solution to a problem, debate, argument
Evaluation of a range of options

Possibilities for Grading and Revising

Have grading criteria with the % of grade 
    Can have these add up to more than 100% 
    Can even vary the weight depending on student ability in certain areas
Ask student to do a double entry paper with the student’s own self-critique in left hand margin
Ask student to hand in a cover sheet with the paper 
    What is the best thing about the paper 
    What is the worst thing about it 
    What questions does the student want you to focus on in grading the paper?