Junior/Senior Year Colloqia

In some semesters the academically strongest juniors and seniors are invited to apply for admission to a weekly interdisciplinary senior credit colloquium focusing on an issue of intellectual debate sponsored by the Wesleyan Center. These colloquia offer our best students moments of intellectual community with faculty.

List of Colloquia

Spring 2007: Let your life speak: Vocation and the Ordinary citizen

Mathematics faculty and Spiritual Development staff
Gregory Clapper, Living Your Heart's Desire
Brian Mahan, Forgetting Ourselves on Purpose

Spring 2005: Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature

Biology, Religion and Psychology faculty
Malcolm Jeeves, ed., From Cells to Souls and Beyond

Fall 2004 : C. S. Lewis for the 21st Century

Literature and Religion faculty
C. S. Lewis, God in the Dock, The Abolition of Man and The Screwtape Letters

Fall 2002: Christians and Popular Culture

Communication, Literature, Psychology faculty
George Lipsitz, Time Passages;
Wm Romanowski, Eyes Wide Open

Spring 2000: Science & Religion

Biology, History, Religion faculty
Ronald Numbers, The Creationist
Alistair McGrath, The Foundations of Dialogue in Science and Religion

Fall 2000: Faith & Film

Literature, Spanish, Communication faculty
Robert Jewett, Saint Paul Returns to the Movies; Film screenings

Fall 1999: Christians and Social Responsibility

Sociology, Biology, Economics, Political Science faculty
Gustavo Gutierrez, On Job: God-Talk and the Suffering of the Innocent
David Gushee, ed., Toward a Just and Caring Society

Spring 1999: Science & Religion

Biology, Literature, Religion faculty
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Creation and Fall