Senior Year Honors Project

Near the end of the junior year, students of exceptional scholarship and capacity for serious and creative study or research who have maintained a 3.5 cumulative GPA, may apply to do a senior Honors Project under the auspices of the Honors Program. With guidance from a major professor, and in community with other Honors Scholars, the student will complete an honors project during the senior year.

In each semester of the senior year, Scholars enroll in an Honor’s Project course (see below). In the fall course students from different disciplines meet together with other Scholars every week to discuss their projects. The semester ends with a formal presentation to the student’s Advisory Committee on progress to date.

In the spring course Scholars complete their project, meet regularly with their advisor, and prepare for two formal presentations: a first one to their Committee and a second to the Point Loma Nazarene University Honors Conference held in early May.


The Honors Project Courses and Conference

HONORS 498 (2). Honors Project I.

An intensive project to be completed by students who are designated as Point Loma Nazarene University Honor Scholars. The course includes the first stage of a seminal study within a Scholar’s major under the supervision of a faculty advisor. In the liberal arts tradition, Scholars from different disciplines will meet together with other Scholars every week to discuss progress on their work and present their projects to date. Offered each Fall.

Pre-requisite: Normally restricted to students in their senior year with at a cumulative 3.50 GPA. Requires approval of the chair of the department that houses the student’s major and the Vice Provost for Faculty Development.

HONORS 499 (1). Honors Project II.

A continuation of Honors 498. In this course students will complete their project, meet regularly with their advisor, and prepare for a formal presentations to their Advisory Committee and for a second presentation to the Point Loma Nazarene University Honors Conference held in early May. Offered each Spring.

Pre-requisite: Honors 498.

Timeline for Honors Project

  • April 30 of Junior Year
    • Students, with permission of advisor, department chair, and clearance from    Dr. Hadley Wood, register for Hon 498(2).
  • September 8
    • Create a personal timeline that reflects disciplinary needs.
  • September 15
    • Advisor, with authorization of Department Chair, submits names of Scholar’s Committee members to Dr. Hadley Wood 
    • Honors Scholar, with approval of Mentor, submits title of project to Dr. Hadley Wood.
  • September 29
    • Student submits a 50-word prospectus.
  • November
    • Scholar registers for Hon 499 (1).
  • December 15
    • Scholar makes formal presentation to his/her Committee on progress to date. The Committee assesses student progress and makes recommendations for future actions.
  • January and February
    • Outline the paper and shape the ideas March and April: Scholar writes up project results.
  • No later than April 15
    • Scholar submits Honors project to the his/her Committee
  • No later than April 22
    • Oral examination by Scholar’s Committee. Results to be communicated immediately to Vice Provost for Faculty Development.
  • Late April or Early May: Scholar presents Project at the PLNU Honors Conference

University Recognition

Honors Scholars will be recognized at graduation, their transcript will show that they have taken the Honors Project course, and their diploma will indicate that they were PLNU Honor Scholars.

Honors Conference

In mid April, the University will host an Honors Conference to which all faculty, parents, and prospective honors students will be invited. All Honors Scholars will present their findings. Papers will be bound and placed in the library. Prospective Honor Scholars (those who will go through the process in the following year) will be expected to attend the Conference.