The purpose of the Tech Time program is to allow faculty to share with other faculty the pedagogical advantages of particular computer applications. The Tech Time program does not concentrate on actually teaching the computer application in question; rather it focuses on showing how specific applications can be used to advantage in classrooms. Tech Time presentations are often followed up by training sessions offered by Information Technology Services to those faculty who show interest in learning the applications presented. The Center for Teaching and Learning has sponsored the following


Tech Time sessions:

Spring 2009
March 25
Discussion of the Merlot website and how to do RSS feeds.  Merlot is a wonderful warehouse of educational website addresses. 

January 28
Took a closer look at Word 2007.  This Tech Time session provided some tips that made the learning time shorter and less painful.

Fall 2008
Greg Crow talked about how to advise in the age of electronic (rather than printed) college catalogs.  He showed how to make the advising process as efficient as possible using the current electronic means at our disposal as well as some time-saving summaries that were easy to construct.  Kim Bogan, Director of Academic Advising, shared some excellent insights on advising, especially on how to use the computer to facilitate the advising of large numbers of students.  She also had some interesting materials on how to help students prepare well for an advising session.

Spring 2008
Jim Johnson discussed running online discussions. The focus of the session was less on the actual technology than on the pedagogical advantages, disadvantages and implications of online discussions.

Fall 2007
Greg Crow from the Mathematical, Information, and Computer Sciences Department shared techniques for providing students with directions for computer projects and creating classroom instructional materials by pulling items from the web.

Spring 2007
Powerpoint or Power-pointless: the pedagogical benefits and pitfall point

Fall 2004
Using Mail Merge in Excel to send out individual grade updates to students

Spring 2004
Technological Literacy

Fall 2003

Spring 2003
Grading with Grade Machine or Excel

Fall 2002
Internet Search Tools

Spring 2002
E-class presentation

Fall 2001
Blackboard Jungle : Advanced Skills in E-Class
PowerPoint Presentations: Do’s and Don’ts

Spring 2001
E-class presentation