Motivating Students 3: Begin with where the Students are Connecting to Student Knowledge and Skill

Are there specific skills that are pre-requisites for accessing the knowledge you wish students to learn? Or to doing the tasks that will be assigned?

Early diagnostic exam.

Offer explanations of how to make up the deficit. Your interest in their success. And the clear connection between what Students learn in one class and what they can do subsequently.

Even making the connection to earlier material is important. Makes a point about the usefulness of knowledge for gaining new knowledge. (A point you can make overtly in class.) These points need to be made just about every day. Saying this on the first day while going over the syllabus simply will not stay with the student. It only takes 30 seconds to make the point. But students need to hear it frequently, at least once in each class if they are to learn the point.

Assess their skills
- Reading
- Previous knowledge
- Procedures
- Writing
- Thinking

How will students be using this information or the thinking skills that they are learning?
- Major
- Career
- Life

Students may need you to point out the horizon.