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The Fermanian Business & Economic Institute is a strategic unit of the Fermanian School of Business at PLNU that specializes in expert consulting services including studies, business plans, research, commentary, speeches and related services for individuals, firms, organizations, and government entities locally and globally.  

A skilled team of practitioners, economists, researchers, and passionate MBA students provide clients and partners with a high touch environment and broad array of flexible, collaborative, innovative, and adaptable consulting services to meet their needs.  The Institute uses creative solutions, proven methodologies, and an unbiased approach and has a reputation for authoritative and objective insight regarding business, economics, and policy. 

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See how our trusted FBEI staff can partner with you to deliver collaborative, innovative, and responsive results. 

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Dr. Lynn Reaser speaking with two other professors

"SDMAC has commissioned four Economic Impact Studies from the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute (FBEI) since 2010. Each of these studies contained thoroughly researched data that was accurate, easily understandable, and completed on schedule. FBEI’s close collaboration with SDMAC and professionalism contributed significantly to the quality of the final product, which has been utilized by the Military, the Civilian Community of San Diego as well as elected officials at the Local, State and Federal level.  It was a pleasure to work with the Fermanian Team."

 - Larry Blumberg
   Executive Director (2005-2015), SDMAC

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Our vision is to be the premier consulting Institute in the region providing creative solutions for individuals, nonprofit and for profit business, organizations, and government agencies locally and globally.