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“Leonardo forms the image of a plant in shapes that emphasize its pattern of growth, implying that the source of change is within matter and not transcendent of it. Leonardo expresses its [Nature's] cosmic operations through its particulars, deriving his understanding of the larger movements from observation of the smaller....”                                                                                             Mary D. Gerard

The Da Vinci Index is a comprehensive database of activity occuring over the past decade and moving forward in fields relating to biomimicry and bio-inspiration. The Index is comprised of four areas of data - number of scholarly articles, number of patents, number of grants, and dollar value of grants. The Da Vinci Index exists to increase awareness of how biomimicry is serving as a bridge between environmental and business interests.


Da Vinci Index - 2012 Year End Summary

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The Economy & Biomimicry:

The E2 is an emerging program which combines environmental and economic interests and views them not as separate but as integrated and mutually supporting interests. It works to embody solutions inspired by nature to address business problems and provides a bridge between the environment and the economy by raising efficiency and lowering costs. The purpose of this model is to develop the capacity to simultaneously create financial, social, and ecological value. To read more about this new model click here

For information on the E2 Logo and what it represents click here.

Economic Impact of Biomimicry

Dr. Lynn Reaser presented the findings of her study, The Economic Impact of Biomimicry: A regional, national and international perspective on Thursday, November 18, 2010, at the San Diego Zoo.  You can view the Executive Summary and download a copy of the report at