FBEI_Controller.jpg The FBEI is proud to be the Economic Forecasting Unit to the California State Controller's Office, with Chief Economist Dr. Lynn Reaser holding the position as Chief Economist to the Controller's Council of Economic Advisors, enabling the conroller to fulfill his constitutional duties as the chief fiscal officer of the state. Reaser has served the council as a member since 2010 and has advised the controller on economic issues related to California's economy, the state's fiscal health, and the most efficient use of state resources. She also authors economic articles for the controller's website. In her role as chief economist, she conducts special sessions for the controller and his executive staff on critical economic topics, issues, and trends.

While the role of providing these services is multifaceted, it is primarily centered on providing high-level independent macroeconomic analysis to the Honorable John Chiang, California State controller. Some of the critical responsibilities for the FBEI team (composed of  Executive Director Cathy Gallagher, Chief Economist Dr. Lynn Reaser,  Assistant Director Laura Yoccabel-Dibble, Business & Economic Research Associate Dieter Mauerman, and Coordinator Cameron Foltz) is to provide data and analysis to the California State controller's executive staff, analysis and verification of state cash flow estimates, as well as assist in the research, data preparation, analysis and display of economic and fiscal conditions.