2011-2012 EEP Participants

The Entrepreneur Enrichment Program ("EEP") seeks to encourage, stimulate and nourish the entrepreneurial process in any full or part-time student and in all academic disciplines at PLNU by providing specific personal, business and professional counsel for student-entrepreneurs' business plans from recognized industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and financiers.


The team of 2011 alum Nitasha Stiritz and current seniors Arthur Cachero and Blake Harrison (pictured right with Randy Ataide, Executive Director of the FBEI, Cathy Gallagher, Director of the FBEI, and Zach Johnson, EEP Mentor) received the top entrepreneur award for their innovative ‘Launch Pad’ business plan, which will produce a web-based application to communicate critical firm startup information via enhanced video in 1-2 minutes to a prospective investor or backer. The Launch Pad product will allow small startups to utilize quickly and efficiently tools that typically have been available to only larger firms. From the Entrepreneur Enrichment Endowment, created concurrently with the launching of the EEP in 2007, a cash award of $2,500 was provided to the Launch Pad team.   

Following a nearly yearlong process that began with the annual EEP Exposition and “pitch” last October, six student entrepreneurial ventures received mentoring throughout the 2011-12 academic year while developing a detailed business plan. There were three-four experienced entrepreneurial mentors for each venture from a wide variety of business interests throughout the western U.S. The mentors also served as judges for the plans and helped deam the Launch Pad Team as the Entrepreneurs of the Year.


Please click here to read the entire press release and learn more about other awards and the participants celebrated at the Entrepreneur Enrichment Program Banquet.

Meet the 2011 - 2012 EEP Participants

Matthew Joslyn
“Plane & Simple Tours”

Plane & Simple tours is a low-budget travel agency whose mission is to show you the world... After traveling throughout Europe for four months, founder Matthew Joslyn knew the there had to be a less expensive and more enriching way of seeing the world. P&S (Plane & Simple Tours) was created for the individual who does not want all amenities and treatments typical tourists want (Tour guides, hotels, buses, etc...). Instead, P&S wants the traveler to create their own adventure and experience the culture on their own. This significantly lowers the cost, making it attractive buy for students, young adults, or families on a tight budget. Mr. Joslyn is currently working on establishing P&S as a full-service travel agency and expects it will be up and running by September 2012. For more information you can email him at mgjoslyn111@pointloma.edu or send him a message on the Plane & Simple Tours Facebook page. Happy travels!

Matt Villalobos
Ashton Runyan
“The Dangerous Blog for Men”


The Dangerous Blog for Men (DBFM) is an innovative online marketing platform that features products from local businesses and brings them directly to the consumer through biweekly emails and social media networks. Each featured product is focused on helping the consumer achieve the desired lifestyle of a modern day gentleman. By simply opening an email or scrolling through the website, the consumer is presented with new and unique items that define what it means to be refined. Presented as a blog, the website creates a witty and humorous atmosphere that invites a feeling of personal relationship with the reader; providing more than just products, but an entire lifestyle. DBFM is here to help the everyday man become a modern gentleman.

Ashton Runyon

Matt Villalobos

Jamie Lee-Kwai
“About You”


Aboutyou.com offers convenient, time-saving, affordable solutions for individuals seeking to plan creative, special ways to romance their significant other. Aboutyou.com is a creative and time-effective resource which fosters meaningful, quality relationships by providing customers with online and mobile options for purchasing dating or marriage proposal ideas. Aboutyou.com provides creative, personal, and customized service, thus positioning itself for both rapid growth and prevention of possible competition. Where online dating services fail to provide options for the next step in the dating process, Aboutyou.com offers multiple creative solutions that take relationships beyond partner matching.

Jamie Lee-Kwai

Lauren White
“Lauren Alisse Photography”


 Lauren Alisse Photography is an affordable, fine art wedding and portrait photography company.  What makes this photography company different than any other is Lauren’s passion, her creative eye, pricing structure, and marketing plan. The business strategy stays ahead of trends and looks towards unique ways to capture people in their most true form.

“I’m a vegetarian, coffee-loving, music playing photographer.
I believe in creating an atmosphere where people can be
themselves so that I get a shot that captures the true
essence of a person. My photography style is much like my
personal style: free, light, airy, with a vintage-feel. I shoot in
natural light and love to travel to new places to explore
creative and unique landscapes for each shoot.”

-Lauren White
Lauren Alisse Photography

Woven between the pages of this business plan is the passion and character of the woman behind the camera. Lauren Alisse Photography is not just an idea or a concept, it is a living business on its way to becoming a successful and sustainable company, driven by passion, leadership, and strategic planning.


  John Cosby                          Catherine Marcarelli
  Mark Undesser                    Ryan Baer 
“SETT – Social Enterprise Think Tank”


Mission: To use social enterprise to assist nonprofit organizations in improving and expanding mission impact and financial performance

Vision: To become a global contributor to social enterprise and nonprofit development

Summary: Social Enterprise Solutions (SES) will aid nonprofits in becoming less dependent on grants, fundraising, and donations by integrating social enterprise and nonprofit business. SES is a business where sharp minds meet to help nonprofits creatively solve social problems. It offers solutions that combine the strengths of the for-profit and nonprofit business worlds. It is a synthesis of innovation, value creation, business analysis, and entrepreneurialism.

Ryan Baer

John Cosby

Catherine Marcarelli

Mark Undesser

Nick Straubel                       Nitasha Stiritz
Arthur Cachero                   Blake Harrison
“Launch Pad"



Great craftsmen need great tools. LaunchPad strives to create innovative tools for communicating the true value of your business plan. Our passion is to breathe life into every idea, big or small. Maybe you want to sell your idea to investors, convince an audience your plan is the real deal, or just simply spark a conversation. LaunchPad's tools will help you accomplish these ambitions. Most entrepreneurial ideas never get off the ground... LaunchPad gives your idea the best platform possible and propels your plan.

Our Mantra- Propel Your Plan

Our Mission- Using our passion to help you present yours

The Opportunity- There are thousands, if not millions, of business ideas sitting on a desk or stored in the minds of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Solution- Two video Products. LaunchPitch & Custom LaunchVideo. These products will communicate critical firm startup information via enhanced video in 1-2 minutes to a prospective investor or backer. The products will allow small startups to utilize quickly and efficiently tools that typically have been available to only larger firms.

Nitasha Stiritz
(808) 283- 6048

Arthur Cachero
(858) 603-9913

Blake Harrison
(541) 556-9111