2012-2013 EEP Participants

IMG_70181.jpgThe Entrepreneur Enrichment Program ("EEP") seeks to encourage, stimulate and nourish the entrepreneurial process in any full or part-time student and in all academic disciplines at PLNU by providing specific personal, business and professional counsel for student-entrepreneurs' business plans from recognized industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and financiers.


Meet the 2012-2013 EEP Participants

Kelsey Bergstrom
"Clothe the Naked"





Clothe the Naked is a high fashion, Christian clothing company, with a matching gift program. Every purchase made will be matched with a 10% donation in order to supply basic clothing items to developing countries as well as to the homeless of San Diego. Clothe the Naked is selling fashionable, modest, classic clothing and donating functional clothing to those who need it most. The next step is to launch a "Kickstarter" campaign in order to raise the funds it will take to obtain a storefront location. The goal of Clothe the Naked is to offer fashionable Christian clothing to the men and women of San Diego. CTN also wants to provide a place where shopping, and helping those less fortunate can happen at the same time. Clothe the Naked is based off of two scripture verses found in Matthew…

"I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me." Matthew 25:36

"And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field and how they grow, they neither toil nor spin. Yet I tell you not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these."
 Matthew 6:28-29                               

 Kelsey Bergstrom
(626) 482-8434

  Marcos Mujica
"Generations Compost"




Generation Farms (GF) will be a for profit social enterprise farm devoted to a quadruple bottom line, with the first being God. GF humbly recognizes that unless the Lord of the harvest builds the house, the workers labor in vain. Thus, our primary bottom line is to honor and worship the Creator of all things. Following this is People, GF will exclusively employ disproportionately disadvantaged individuals enrolled in GF’s Recovery Labor Pool and is committed to compensating entry-level employees with a living wage. Also GF commits to growing food not just for profit but also for equitable distribution to employees and their families via Employee CSA. 

Next is the Planet, GF is committed to implementing closed-loop ecological systems through the utilization of responsible land management zone-based rotational techniques, appropriate technologies in GF operations if and when possible, and integrated pest management techniques (while abstaining from chemical pesticides). Lastly will be Profit, as GF will sustainably produce various highly profitable organic agricultural products and services for specialty distribution, which include but are not limited to Generation Compost, various organic seasonal crops, pasture raised organic meat, hosting farm-to-plate culinary experiences, and providing a scenic farm rental venue for events.

Click HERE to read GF's business plan. For more information on Generation Farms, please check out Generation Community Catalyst's website. 

Marcos Mujica:
(760) 518-7147 

 Calen Lucas & Bryan Pridmore
"Family Wagon"

Family Wagon is a band of musicians that write hit songs and seek to have a career entertaining audiences through rock n' roll.  With a fun and irresistible experience playing live and their promising recording skills Family Wagon predicts to break into the national music scene and see revenue increases of 1000% over the next year.  The goal of the EEP is to help the band form legitimate contracts and a strategy for sustainable success that the band can use to execute in this time of growth.  Raising the capital needed to launch the band into the next level will be attained by executing angel investment opportunities as well as utilizing the online crowd funding platform Kickstarter.  Participating in the EEP is Calen Lucas, a PLNU MBA and the front man of the band, and Bryan Pridmore a fellow MBA and business developer who has background in audio engineering and the concert event industry.

Calen Lucas:

Bryan Pridmore:

Daniel Spitsbergen
"Sustainable Natural Foods" 





Anne Taylor
"Anne Taylor Catering" 



Anne Taylor Catering is a full service catering business, started by Anne Taylor in 2008. By practicing healthy means of cooking for a demanding family, Anne developed a love for cooking as a teen and found that she was able to create health conscious dishes with the requirement for good taste. Anne has furthered her skills by attending culinary school at the Arts Institute in San Diego, and later by attending the prestigious Apicius Culinary School in Florence, Italy. Anne has received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Nutrition: Food Service Management from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego in the spring of 2013.

Today, Anne Taylor Catering (ATC) is a full service catering company and has the ability to offer a wide range of food choices and options. ATC has entered into the catering market by providing not only great food, but by offering exemplary service and amenities. ATC has an excellent group of highly trained staff that is professional in their attitude, culture and skill sets. ATC has recently invested towards full-service catering through purchases encompassing a fine dining customer experience. The problem in the market is that there are no healthy gourmet caterers, and that is just what ATC is here to offer: “Fresh, Healthy, Gourmet Food.”

Anne Taylor:
(951) 907-8874