The Institute provides support services to our MBA students to enhance and complement the academic rigor of the program. Through field experience opportunities, career counseling and placement services, and conferences, events, and travel, we offer alternative learning environments through experiential opportunities. Collaborative effort with our business community partners make it possible to integrate the expertise, talents, and skills of our students into the real world of business. Additionally, the Institute welcomes MBA students, either individually or in groups, to play an active role in our business and economic consulting by assisting us with research, data collection, surveys, and other aspects of our work. 


Career Support  Executive Development Events
MBA Mentorship
  • Resume/Cover Letter Assistance
  • Informational Interviews
  • Field Experience
  • Career Opportunities


These events feature a senior executive, business owner, or other high level leader representing varied backgrounds, expertise, and insight.


Are you a San Diego business professional who would like to connect with excellent MBAs?




“The Fermanian Business and Economic Institute has a strong reputation for producing cutting-edge economic events that act as gateways to successful networking.  For business leader seeking young talent and MBAs eager to expand and test their newly acquired business knowledge, FBEI participation is a must.  Beyond the academic appeal of a great MBA education, PLNU’s FBEI offers business leaders and MBAs a supportive platform for collaboration.”


Vaughn Woods, President,

2007 MBA

Vaughn Woods Financial Group