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Holiness in the 21st Century (Third ed.)


Sam Powell$5.00
love divine

"Prints" and Practices of LOVE DIVINE (includes CD)

Monograph series, Number Seven

A guide through Charles Wesley's hymns by and for the spiritual practitioners. Each essay offers a doorway from a different spiritual journey into this center of the Wesleyan traditions.

Maxine Walker, ed.$10.00
For Zions Sake

For Zion's Sake (Updated, with new afterward)

For Zion's Sake details the history of Pasadena/Point Loma College by masterfully blending intellectual, institutional, and social history with the biographies of key individuals. It is an interpretive portrayal of the struggles and trials of the college and its people.

Ronald Kirkemo$20.00
Diane LeClerc

I Am Not Ashamed (originally $19.95)

Diane LeClerc has served the Church well in editing this book that emerges out of the hearts and minds of Wesleyan women preachers. The book includes an excellent blend of sermons, some of which are holiness classics, others are timely and relevant prophetic messages to the Church, and still others are moving messages from Scripture that speak of grace, faithfulness and hope.

Diane Leclerc, ed.$12.00

It's All About Grace

This festschrift is dedicated to Professor Herbert L. Prince, who taught at Point Loma Nazarene University from 1971 until December 2004. Professor Prince taught theology and philosophy and held the H. Orton Wiley Chair of Theology from 2000 until his retirement. This collection is a measure of the esteem in which PLNU holds Herb Prince and the extent to which we are in his debt for the intellectual leadership that he has exhibited over the years. 

Sam Powell, ed.$5.00
the wise shepherd

The Wise Shepherd 

Monograph series, Number Six

The Wise Shepherd integrates the challenges of pastoral ministry with the insight of specialists in the academic disciplines of theology and biblical studies. This collection of writings invites the reader to engage in academic disciplines that will help them discern depth of meaning, which, in turn, will shape the pragmatic work of ministry.

Brad Kelle, ed.$7.50
Setting Your Sail

Setting Your Sail

Monograph series, Number Five

This monograph is designed to be a guide. It is less of a map than a travelogue, detailing the life stories and reflections of four faculty persons as they wrestle with the concept of vocation throughout their lives. It is my hope that ... you, the reader, may be helped as you face your own important vocational questions.

John T. Wu, ed.$5.00
All Things Necessary

All Things Necessary to Our Salvation

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Monograph series, Number Four

This monograph is helpful not only in understanding the position that the Church of the Nazarene has historically embraced on the inspiration of Scripture, it is also helpful in understanding why the Church's position is appropriate. As discussions on the nature and inspiration of Scripture have often become confusing and conflicted, Lodahl's monograph offers clarity, especially for those in or interested in the Wesleyan-holiness tradition.

Michael Lodahl$5.00
no hands

No Hands? (poetry)

Monograph series, Number Two

What Rick Hill offers in No Hands is poetry that parallels that of the biblical and religious poets, such as Herbert and the Wesley brothers, albeit in a twenty-first century parlance. He gives us his life, without pretense, showing us his growing spiritual awareness and relationship with the Divine, and asks, to all who are courageous enough, for us to also see our fallenness, our self-absorption, our attempts to make ourselves better through our own strength.

Rick Hill$5.00
Church and Culture

The Evangelical Church and American Popular Culture

Monograph series, Number One

The purpose of this interpretive essay is to explore the relationship between the evangelical church and trends in American popular culture since the end of the Second World War. This relationship has grown more significant as the church has participated in the emergence of an evangelical Christian popular culture and has more willingly adopted popular culture forms into its life and worship.

Karl Martin$5.00
Wesleyan Way

A Wesleyan Way (revised edition)

This handbook is a broad orientation to serve the educational purposes of the university generally and the Wesleyan Center in particular. Readers desiring to become aware of one form that Wesleyan interests may take, and individuals seeking a theological introduction to the values of the university may be the chief beneficiaries of this book. 

Herb Prince$3.50
Centennial Monograph 1: RememberingF. Carver, M. Stevenson$4.00
affirmingCentennial Monograph 2: AffirmingArt Seamans, Darrel Falk$4.00
inspiringCentennial Monograph 3: InspiringJim Jackson Sr., Kathy McConnell$4.00
100 years

100 Years of Stories

Point Loma Nazarene University is a testimony to faithful people who, for 100 years, have trusted a faithful God to establish and support and institution built on a belief that people can receive a quality education in a Christian setting. Nelson's book uses authentic voices and images from PLNU's past to show what can happen when people with a vision trust God.

Dean Nelson$15.00
promise and destiny

Promise & Destiny

Point Loma Nazarene University cannot be understood apart from Isaiah 62, God's great promise of protection and blessing for the institution. In his earlier book, For Zion's Sake, Dr. Kirkemo presented a social and intellectual history of the university, adjusting to the new conditions and ideas of the twentieth century and showed how the Isaiah passage embodied the dangers, protection, deliverance and beginning of the University's rise to strength. In this companion book, Kirkemo tells the story of how God's grace is brought to action in the life of PLNU.

Ronald Kirkemo






Our Wesleyan Tradition

Our Wesleyan Tradition

Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) is an institution of the Church of the Nazarene and therefore a Christian university in the Wesleyan tradition. The purpose of this book is to clarify what we at PLNU mean by "the Wesleyan tradition." In addressing this, we draw upon the writings of John and Charles Wesley, the practices of the early Methodists, and the subsequent development of Wesleyan theology. We are also writing with concern for what it means to be a Chrisitan institution in the Wesleyan tradition for the educational context of PLNU. 

Mark Mann, ed.