Visiting Scholars

PLNU's Visiting Scholar program provides an ideal retreat for research and writing related to the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition.

Find out more about the Visiting Scholar  program and see what it takes to become one!

Meet Our Scholars!

A Scenic Scholarly Retreat

Located in San Diego on sandstone cliffs overlooking the Pacific, Point Loma Nazarene University has one of the most scenic views of anyscholar university campus.  As is well known, San Diego has moderate year-round weather (including temperate summers).  It also boasts a wide variety of arts, cultural and family attractions.  The PLNU campus is a 10 minute drive from Sea World, Balboa Park, and the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Unique Research Resources


PLNU's archives are the premier repository for the works of H. Orton Wiley and also house one of North America's finest collections of literature relating to Jacob Arminius.  PLNU's
archives are second only to the Church of the Nazarene denominational archives in Kansas City for their materials on Phineas Bresee.


Accommodations and Provisions
During their stay, Visiting Summer Scholars will receive the following:

    * a two-bedroom apartment with ocean view and paid utilities, all free of charge
    * discounted rates at PLNU's on-campus dining facilities
    * complete access to the PLNU Library and Archives
    * any IT equipment and support needed
    * any additional support as needed

Beyond these provisions, Visiting Scholars must cover their own expenses, including food and travel/transportation.  Visiting Scholars are also invited and encouraged (but not required) to participate in dialogue and projects with PLNU faculty, including faculty reading groups (Science and Theology; Social Issues) which run through the summer.