Commencement Etiquette

For the ceremonies to be enjoyed by all and for everyone’s safety, we ask that guests comply with a few requests: 

  • Cell phones and other personal electronic devices should be turned off or silenced for the duration of the ceremony.  Before the ceremony, arrange a meeting place with guests for after commencement, and please resist the temptation to send text messages during the ceremony.
  • Air horns or other noisemakers are not allowed in the Greek Amphitheatre, since they detract from both the dignity of the occasion and the enjoyment of other guests. They will be confiscated by security personnel.
  • Balloons cannot be allowed in the Greek Amphitheatre since they can obstruct the view of those seated around you. They will be confiscated by the ushers. Please leave them at the Information Booth where they can be picked up after the ceremony.
  • Personal video or camera equipment that requires a tripod is not allowed in the Greek Amphitheatre; however, hand-held cameras or recorders may be used.
  • Refrain from moving around at the end of the ceremony until the end of the recessional.