Eugene Harris

  • Full-Time Faculty


  • A.B. Fresno Pacific College
  • M.A. San Diego State University, CA


Art is my passion.

Line form, shape and color has intrigued me all my life. At age 12, I painted a self-portrait with a paint set that had been given to me. As I looked in the mirror, colors and shapes appeared as I captured my likeness and curiosity. Today, I look back to this experience asthe beginning of an adventure in the field of art.

I pursued my formal education in the arts, which led to my career choice and it has taken me around the world. Now, my passion is to pass my experiences on to students.

Experiential learning, through seeing and doing, has prompted me to promote world travel as a part of the artistic experience. Through such experiences students of the visual arts can absorb that which came before them and better transform their thoughts into forms more relevant to this time and place.

I teach Art History, Painting, and Photography and am the Director of the Art Department Euroterm program.