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Our Purpose

PLNU is especially known for its high quality science and math programs.  Science Honors' Weekend (SHW) is a yearly recruiting event for incoming biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, engineering, mathematics and computer sciences' students that qualify, based on GPA and SAT/ACT scores.  This weekend is designed to encourage students in their science and math interests, to help them make informed decisions about their futures, and to show them our programs. 

Science Honors' Weekend is a great opportunity for incoming science/math majors to become acquainted with PLNU faculty and establish relationships with current PLNU students.  It's also an occasion to make new friendships that may very well last a lifetime. 

The weekend is packed with activity and will give a great overview of PLNU and specifically of the science and math departments.  Students come away with an increased knowledge of college life, a sense of the PLNU community, and new friendships.  All this and some terrific photos of sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

Student Comments

Bailey Holmes, 2013 SHW attendee comments, "Science Honors Weekend was an exceptional experience. I had the opportunity to meet the professors who are now teaching my courses, and bond with other students who are now my peers. The other schools I applied to did not offer any event like it. Staying for the weekend allowed me to see what the dynamics were on campus and in my major. That weekend is like a right of passage that many of us look back to with nostalgia."

Elle Asselin, 2013 SHW attendee mentions, "Science Honors’ Weekend was a big determining factor in my decision to attend PLNU. The faculty and upperclassmen were extremely welcoming, and seeing college life from the perspective of science majors was really informative: the in-depth description of lab life and awesome summer research opportunities was a completely different experience than a college campus tour. It was also my first time in San Diego, so not only did I get to see and meet some of my future professors and classmates, the weekend’s activities provided opportunities to check out the city and surrounding area. I would encourage any student considering a science major at PLNU to take full advantage of this opportunity."

Corbin Donham, 2013 SHW attendee comments, "Science Honors' Weekend was a great way for me to see what being on campus would be like and how it would feel to be in the classrooms where I would be taking my future classes. An exciting part for me was the introduction to PLNU's lab facilities which included demonstrations on how lab equipment is used for research and experimentation. Science Honors' Weekend was also a great way for me to make new friends, some of which I see all around campus today. Overall, it was an awesome experience."

Elizabeth Robinson, 2013 SHW attendee mentions, "At Science Honors' Weekend I discovered that PLNU is not just the most beautiful campus around, but also has a fantastic science program. I made acquaintances during that weekend that became my friends here at Point Loma."

Connor Voss, 2012 SHW attendee comments, "The Science Honors’ Weekend was such an amazing experience for so many reasons. During my interviews I discovered I had a lot in common with both professors, and it really confirmed this is where I needed to be. For Biology this year, I have one of the professors whom I met, and it’s really nice learning from a professor I already formed a relationship with. I met so many great people who now sit next to me in class and form study groups. The upper classmen were so friendly and really showed me what life here is like. Now I get advice from them on classes and college life in general. I strongly recommend attending the Science Honors’ Weekend for any science major interested in making Point Loma their new home!"

Hannah Quinn, 2011 SHW attendee mentions, "The 2011 Science Honors Weekend definitely helped to solidify my decision to attend PLNU. Being able to meet professors helped make the program much more real and accessible, and convinced me of the rigorous nature of the science department. I also really enjoyed getting to meet current students and my future classmates. Everyone welcomed me and made me feel at home. I am definitely glad I attended Science Honors Weekend."

Carolyn Houser, 2010 SHW attendee comments, "Attending Science Honors Weekend finalized my decision to choose PLNU. The whole weekend was an extremely positive experience, and I was able to have a firsthand account of the student and science life here at PLNU. The weekend sold me on the fact that the science opportunities for research and internships here at PLNU are unlike any even remotely available at state schools. I clearly was not the only one who felt the same way because a large group of students who were at SHW are now here attending Point Loma. This fact should speak for itself. Science Honors Weekend is worth your time!"

Jordan Crampton, 2010 SHW attendee mentions, "When I think back on the Honors Weekend, I cannot recall a single aspect that was a negative experience for me. It was my first time being entirely on my own. I had not yet decided which college I liked the most, as I was considering two others. However, after spending just one day on this beautiful campus, I fell in love. After spending just one day in the company of professors and staff who treated me like family, I felt at home. After just one day witnessing the presence of God in this place, learning what this university had to offer, and how PLNU would aid me in achieving my dreams, I knew this was the place for me. That was just day one."

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For SHW 2015, we invited 34 Biology and/or Chemistry students to attend.  Please see the Proposed Schedule for our 2016 program (Friday, February 5th - Sunday, February 7th, 2016). 

If you are interested in participating in next year's SHW, you are a high school senior the fall of 2015, and you meet the minimum requirements, please fill out the online Biology/Chemistry Notice of Intent before December 1st, 2015.  For Math, Physics or Engineering, please go to their websites or contact Stephanie Krahenbuhl at 619-849-2219.

Dr. Dawne Page, Chair of Biology and Dr. Sara Choung, Chair of Chemistry co-lead the program for the biology and chemistry departments.

For more information, please contact LeAnne Elizondo at 619-849-2205, or email .

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