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PLNU Channel 23 Station Management Team

Station Manager, Caleb Daniels, Junior, Media Communication-Production Major
Productions-Programming Manager, Angel Zamora, Senior, Media Communications-Production Major
Public Relations Manager, Ross Nederhoff, Junior, Broadcast Journalism Major
Marketing and Promotions Manager, Brenna Ross, Freshman, Media Communication-Film Studies Major 
Sports Manager, Hilary Zeber, Senior, Media Communication-Film Studies Major
Coastline News Manager, Samantha Watkins, Junior, Broadcast Journalism Major

Contact information and details about crew needs for Channel 23 production is available at the PLNU TV & Film bulletin board, by the TV studio.

Technical Assistants

We have four studio TAs this semester: Greta (Margaret) Wall, Senior, Broadcast Journalism Major, Hilary Zeber, Senior Media Com-Film Studies major, Ross Nederhoff, Junior, Broadcast Journalism major, Jonathan Pickett, Sophomore, Broadcast Journalism major. They will be assisting in equipment labs, equipment check-out and check-in, and completing competency assignments for this course. 

Media Operations Manager

Our Media Operations manager is Rick Moncauskas. He supervises the TA staff, and is in charge of studio operations as well as assisting in many of the production in the labs this semester. His office is located in the studio office area. The studio extension is x2726, and his direct line is x2910.

TV & Film Clips

Check out video clips from PLNU student productions on TV and film.