TV, Film & Radio
I've had the privilege of producing a variety of television, film, and radio programming, and print media over the years.  These include documentaries, educational programs, sports, news/public affairs, music, and promotional programming.   



Writer, producer, director, shooter, and/or editor…
 “Where Dreams Become Reality,” an 11-minute promotional video for the PLNU Dept. of Communication and Theatre’s five academic majors.

“Build a Future,”
an eight minute promotional video for the Nampa Police Department, Nampa, ID (writer)

"The Essence of Excellence,"
a 10-minute promotional video for Mercy Medical Center, Nampa, ID (writer, producer, director)

"The Living Christmas Tree," a 1 1/2 hour television dramatic musical presentation of the Christmas story, for College First Church of the Nazarene, Nampa, ID, broadcast on local Christian TV station. (director)

"Nampa, Idaho: Building a Community Where Everyone Matters," a 10-minute promotional stage and video presentation for the national All-America City competition, Louisville, KY (writer, director)

Project Coordinator: “Multimedia Technology and Learning.” Instructor-supervisor for production of seven instructional/promotional multimedia CD-ROMs for college courses in religion, visual arts, education, business, and communication departments. Team taught, one-year, two course sequence.

Writer-Producer-Director, “The School-to-Work Video Project.” Includes the writing and production of four pilot programs, and writing 21 seven to 12 minute instructional documentary programs for K-12 school-to-work curriculum. Each program highlighted the education and preparation needed for a particular occupation, and “a day in the life of..” each occupation. Program produced for Dayton, OH, area chamber of commerce and three local school districts, funded by $95,000 grant.

Producer-Director, “Navigating to Ethical Decision-Making.” Wrote, produced, directed, and edited a three-part instructional video series on applied ethics. Used by University of Dayton (UD) philosophy department faculty and others to teach ethics at U.D.

Funded by $10,000 grant from U.D. Continuing Studies.

Writer, “The Visual Systems Project.” A three-part video series on efficient manufacturing plant operations. Instructional video series based on the book, Visual Systems, by Dr. Gwen Galsworth.

Producer, "New Rock and Talk," internationally-syndicated alternative radio rock show, featuring progressive rock music and college-student discussion of contemporary issues. Fifty-two half-hour shows aired on 60+ commercial, college and high school stations in America and Australia. Program carried on Galaxy III satellite. Project funded by $86,000 grant from the Catholic Communication Campaign, Washington, D.C.

"The Visual Systems Project," a three-part educational video series on efficient manufacturing plant operations, for Quality Methods International Inc, Dayton, OH (writer)

"Mission 1998: Santa Cruz, Guatemala," a five-minute promotional video documentary about the construction of a church in the Guatemala highlands by American Church of the Nazarene volunteers (all roles)

"The School-to-Work Video Series," a series of 25 eight-twelve minute educational video programs on different work occupations for three Ohio school districts (writer and director for pilot, writer for other 24 shows)

"Navigating to Ethical Decision-Making," a three-part (3-hour) educational video series on ethics for the U.D. philosophy department (all roles)

"British Trial and the American Jury," a six-hour television reenactment of British and American trial lawyers and judges in a mock rape trial. Produced at the Federal Courthouse, Dayton, OH, for the University of Dayton School of Law (all roles)

"Adventures in Academic Advising," seven one-three minute training videos on how to advise college students. For university academic advising department. Faculty supervisor for student-produced series.

"Majors at the University of Dayton," nineteen 10-minute promotional videos on different academic programs at the University of Dayton, Dayton, OH (director, faculty supervisor)

"The Vision Unfolding," a 10-minute promotional video for Parkview Church of the Nazarene, Kettering, OH (all roles)

"Catch the Dream," an eight-minute promotional video for the Glenmary Home Missioners, Cincinnati, OH (all roles)

"New Rock and Talk," 52 half-hour radio shows featuring alternative rock music and college students discussing important issues of the day. Broadcast on the Galaxy III satellite for the Catholic Communication Campaign (writer, producer)

"The Right Interview," a 20-minute training video program on how to conduct employee interviews, for the Elder-Beerman Stores, Inc., Dayton, OH (all roles)

"The U.D. Experience," an eight-minute orientation video for new employees at the University of Dayton (all roles)

"Building for the Future," an eight-minute promotional video for Dayton Habitat for Humanity, Dayton, OH (writer and faculty supervisor for student-produced project)

"Dress the Part," a 20-minute training video on proper appearance and work attire for Elder-Beerman Stores, Inc., Dayton, OH (all roles)

"The Elder-Beerman Way," a 10-minute orientation video on company practices and policies, for EB Stores, Inc. (all roles)

"Scene 3 News," daily, live, student-produced news broadcast on KENW-TV, Portales, NM--public broadcasting (PBS) station (faculty supervisor, associate producer)

“The Creative Mind,” feature-length documentary on the creative process. Includes interviews with Brian Dennehy (film and stage actor), Bill Mauldin (Pulitzer Prize political cartoonist), Mark Medoff (playwrite and screenwriter, “Children of a Lesser God”), Gene Rudolf (art director: “Raging Bull,” “The Great Gatsby”), Jack Williamson (science fiction novelist), Ralph Levy (pioneer TV director, including “I Love Lucy” pilot), and several national and internationally renowned photographers, musicians, and architects residing in New Mexico. (producer, director, writer, on-camera host)

"Bruin Basketball on the Bruin Cable Network," 42 cablecasts of college basketball games for George Fox College, Newberg, OR (producer)

"Image of Loveliness, with Joanne Wallace," ten 30-minute interview/demonstration shows on inner and outer beauty for men and women (including hair, make-up, clothing, etc.), for Image of Loveliness, Inc., Salem, OR. Aired in Midwest and southern US.

"What'll We Do With Aunt Hattie?", a half-hour documentary on the relative merits of the various social and medical models of adult day care, for a daycare company in Portland, OR (all roles)

"Hoover/Minthorn House: Yesterday and Today," a half-hour documentary on the life and times of past U.S. President Herbert Hoover while growing up in Newberg, OR (all roles)

"Origins: A Creationist Viewpoint," a half-hour film documentary on the creation model of origins, for The Creation Concern, Portland, OR (writer, director)

"Origins: Evolution and Creation," a forty-minute educational documentary on the two models of origins, for the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), El Cajon, CA (all roles)

"The High Road," a four-minute music video for Thom Chenoweth, a musical artist in Portland, OR. Aired on MTV's basement videos (all roles)

"International Ministries Music Specials," three half-hour television music-variety shows for International Ministries, Portland, OR (all roles)

"The Four Flats: In Concert," a one-hour concert of an internationally-recognized men's quartet, for George Fox College, Newberg, OR (director, editor)

"Abigail and Harvey," a one-hour cameo-docudrama about the leader of the women's suffrage movement in Oregon, for the Oregon Committee for the Humanities (producer, director, editor)

"Endless Vacation," an eight-minute promotional video promoting the livability of Newberg to prospective residents of Newberg, OR. Spoof of "National Lampoon's 'Vacation'" with Chevy Chase. (all roles)

"The Wide World of Work," a 19-minute training program on good nutrition and proper lifting techniques, the the Oregon Sanitary Service Institute, Portland, OR (all roles)

"Warm Up and Stretch Out," a 21-minute training video for the Oregon Sanitary Service Institute, Portland, OR (all roles)

"Hobby Greenhouse Growing for Fun and Profit," a 29-minute promotional/educational program on the secrets of starting and maintaining a greenhouse, for a greenhouse mfg. company in Newberg, OR (all roles)

"Quality Plastics: The Quality Control Company," a 10-minute promotional video for Quality Plastics, a high tech plastics mfg. firm in Newberg, OR (all roles)

"Papermakers: A Community Story," a 16-minute promotional video on the papermaking process and community service for Smurfit Newsprint, Newberg, OR (all roles)

"The Great Myths," a 16-minute promotional video dispelling the myths of nursing homes for the Oregon Health Care Association (all roles)

"Where the Best Comes Together," a 20-minute promotional video for Hillside Manor Retirement Center, McMinnville, OR (all roles)

"ITVA Teleconference," a one-hour teleconference on the values and uses of teleconferencing, linking chapters in San Diego, Washington, D.C., Denver, and other cities, for the International Television Association (ITVA) (technical director)

"The United Way in the Mid-Willamette Valley," a 10-minute promotional video on how United Way funds are being used in an Oregon valley. For the Northwest Division of State Farm Insurance, Salem, OR. (all roles)

"Performer/Continental," "Delivery Systems Overview," and other programs. Several 10-15 minute demonstration and promotional videos for Adec, Inc., Newberg, OR (world's largest manufacturer of dental products) (all roles)

"Turned Inside-Out Series," forty 10-minute video educational video programs on child-raising, homemaking, and developing a healthy self-image, for Panache, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR (director, editor)

"Portland: The City," a 45-minute video tour of Portland, Oregon's major tourist attractions and stores. Shown in Portland's major hotels, with commercial for major businesses in Portland (all roles)

"The Elephant and the Flying Trapeze," three 15-20 minute children's programs combining puppetry, animation, and artwork to teach Biblical doctrines and principles. Marketed to American churches and religious publishers (all roles)

"The Creative Christian Teaching Series," five 20-30 minute educational video programs on creative ways of teaching Sunday School, for Aldersgate Publishing, Inc. (all roles)

"General Psychology," "Literature of the Bible," "Labor Management Relations," "Calligraphy for Beginners," (and others), ten college video courses on business, psychology, art, and religion, for George Fox College, Newberg, OR. (producer, director, editor)

"The Mark," a half-hour, black and white, dramatic film on the "mark of the beast," as described in the Book of Revelation (graduate student film—producer, writer, director, editor)

"A Walk Across America," a feature-length screenplay script (master's thesis project), based on the memoirs/books of Peter Jenkins (A Walk Across American, 1979, and The Walk West: A Walk Across America 2, 1981, William Morrow Company).


San Diego Christian Film Festival. Serve on judging panel and created judging forms for new film festival.

Judge, Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Student Video Festival. Served on judging panel for national student TV-film competition—short film and educational categories.

Board Member, San Diego Visual Arts Foundation,
San Diego, CA. Serve on board for foundation that sponsors largest student film festival in America (BestFest).

Advisory Board Member, San Diego Film Festival,
San Diego, CA.

Judge, BestFest America.
Hosted and served on final round judging panels for largest student film festival in America (BestFest America, San Diego, CA).

Judge, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Awards.
Participated on a judging panel for the midwest regional NATAS television news and documentary broadcasting competition.

Founder, University of Dayton Interdisciplinary Film Studies minor. Included curriculum development, planning, along with “a lot of politicking/schmoozing, and more meetings than I can count.” Generally,a stretching but pleasant experience.

1993, ’95, ’98
Judge, The Gabriel Awards. An international television and radio awards competition sponsored by the UNDA (a Catholic Broadcasters Association).

Media Consultant & Free Lance Writer/Producer/Director
. Consult with and produce media for various organizations. Also print media, including feature stories, designing and producing brochures, newsletters and other promotional media.

Associate Producer-Instructor: "Scene 3 News." Responsible for training news photographer-editors for daily, live news show (and weekly programs) on KENW-TV, Portales, NM (public broadcasting station).

Founder-Faculty Advisor, Eastern New Mexico University International Television Association (ITVA) Chapter
, Portales, NM. Created a student corporate-industrial chapter aligned with the ITVA. Included developing student program leadership, educational seminars, and developing relationships with professional ITVA chapters and members.

Counselor/Advisor, Media Workshops
, Los Angeles, CA. (one-two weeks/summer).

Special, intensive one-two week seminars and tours of major motion picture, network television, and film production facilities in Southern California.

Board Member, International Television Association (ITVA)
Portland, OR chapter. Responsible for planning and coordinating video workshops and seminars for professional industrial media chapter members (60+). Also served on and hosted two judging panels for the "ITVA Golden Reel Awards" national video competition.


1998 Telly, Bronze Award, “Stop The Noise,” writer and series concept producer. Program in School-to-Work Video Series, national video/film competition, non-broadcast video category.

Telly, Bronze Award, “Electrician,” writer and series concept producer. Program in School-to-Work Video Series, national video/film competition, non-broadcast video category.

2nd Place, Educational, "On the Job: Electrician," Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Juried Faculty Production Competition. National competition for broadcast communication faculty in America.
1990 2nd Place, News, "Scene 3 News," New Mexico Broadcaster's Association award for best news in the state of New Mexico

1988 1st Place, Yammy Award, "The Four Flats: In Concert" (city cable programming award)
1986 1st Place, Yammy Award, "Hoover-Minthorn House: Yesterday and Today" (city cable programming award)


2003-present I am most proud of my TV and film students who have distinguished themselves by winning over 20 awards in both national student and professional TV and film competitions during the past five years (as of summer, 2010).


1983-present I have been a founder (individual chapter), board member, and/or regular member of the following organizations over the years:

  • Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • Broadcast Education Association (BEA—part of Nat. Association of Broadcasters--NAB)
  • International Television Association (ITVA, now MCA-I)
  • National Communication Association (NCA)
  • National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)

Clips & Web Pages

The Creative Mind
Wrote, produced, directed, and narrated--one-hour documentary on the creative process.  Includes interviews with Brian Dennehy (TV/film actor); Gene Rudolf (art director, "Raging Bull," et al); Mark Medoff (playwright & screenwriter, "Children of a Lesser God"); Bill Mauldin, Pulitzer-Prize winning political cartoonist; along with photographers, novelists, musicians, architects, and TV directors--all telling about their "creative process."  Produced years ago when I had a lot more hair!  Produced for New Mexico Public Broadcasting. 

On-the-Job: The Electrician--School-to-Work Video
Winner: 1999 Bronze Telly Award, Non-Broadcast Video (national professional competition), and 1999 2nd Place Educational, Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Competition.  Wrote and designed the set for this 8-minute video on the work and academic preparation needed to become an electrician.  Shown to high school students.
Stop the Noise--School-to-Work Video 
Winner: 1999 Bronze Telly Award, Non-Broadcast Video (national professional competition)..  Wrote, designed set, and directed a 12-minute video on understanding the barriers to effective communication.  Shown to 3rd-5th graders.
Scene 3 News
Winner: 1990, Production, New Mexico Broadcasters Association Newscast Competition.   Associate producer/instructor/faculty advisor, half-hour daily, live television newscast for KENW-TV, Portales, New Mexico (PBS station at Eastern New Mexico University).  Written, reported, shot, and directed by ENMU mass comm majors as a part of a mass comm workshop class.  
The Wide World of Work
Wrote, produced, directed, and edited this 12-minute instructional video on how to minimize job-related injuries.  A parody of "The Wide World of Sports."
Endless Vacation
Wrote, produced, directed, and edited this 10-minute promotional video for the City of Newberg, Oregon.  A parody of "Vacation," starring Chevy Chase.
Bruin Basketball Network
Produced 42 college basketball games for cable television.  Students involved in all production roles in these games, including play-by-play and color.
Image w/Joanne Wallace
Producer, director, set-design, editor, ten half-hour studio talk shows on fashion, make-up, beauty tips, and spiritual issues relevant to "dress for success."
Mission 1998: Santa Cruz, Guatemala
Producer, camera, editor for six and one-half minute promotional video for church work and witness program.  Documents laborers activities (construction, VBS, and cooking) at a W & W trip in Guatemala.  Program is set to music.