(1) You are responsible for securing a valid internship and completing all internship paperwork assigned by Dr. Newman.

(2) There are NO “incomplete” or “in progress” grades given for  COM421 Communication   Internship.
* However, you MAY still earn the 3 credits if your delinquency is rectified by the end of the following semester (e.g., say you are enrolled in COM421 during a Fall semester but are only assigned to work 110 of the required 120 – 150 hours. When you come back to school for the start of the Spring semester, you would need to finish the remaining 10 hours as soon as possible. At that point, Dr. Newman would submit a Change of Grade form to the Records Office and your grade of “No Credit” would be changed to “Credit”).

(3) Your paperwork should be turned in regularly throughout the semester. Place paperwork in the box marked “Internship Paperwork” in the department office. If you FAX your paperwork always call 619-849-2605 to confirm that it was received.
(4) Your signed Internship Registration form must be submitted within 30 days of the start of the semester or the University mandates that you be dropped from COM421.

“What if I don’t complete all requirements by the end of the next semester?”

(1) If you do NOT complete all the requirements by the end of the next subsequent semester, the only possibility of receiving credit would be by filing a “Petition for Curricular Exception” with the Dean of Administration.
(2) However, according to university policy, no grade will be changed – FOR ANY REASON – after a period of one year has passed.