Invitation to Submit Bids for the PLNU 2012 Round Robin

            We are inviting schools interested in competing in the 2012 Point Loma Round Robin Tournament of Champions to submit bids identifying which team they would like to have compete, and listing the merits of that team to help a panel of coaches to rank the top bids based on the performance of the debaters and schools in recent years. 

The one day tournament will be limited no more than 20 teams from across the nation and will take place Friday February 3, 2012, one day before the Sunset Cliffs Classic Speech and Debate Invitational also hosted by Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA.  The mission of the tournament is to pit some of the nation’s top teams against one another in this one day event so that metal can sharpen metal.  Observers are encouraged to attend as this is usually a terrific learning and training opportunity for observers, not to mention a great warm up for the Sunset Cliffs Classic.  Meals for the contestants are catered and participation gifts are provided.
We have a formula by which up to 13 schools may receive automatic bids based on their school's performance during the previous year.  However, no school may receive more than one bid to the Round Robin, so when a school qualifies two or more times for a bid, they just receive the one bid, leaving another to be awarded to another deserving team from the pool of applicants. 

The formula and the qualifying schools receiving automatic bids to the upcoming 2012 Round Robin are listed below.  Congratulations to all the programs listed below.  We hope to see you in sunny San Diego in February.  Directors from those programs listed below wishing to accept the invitations to the Round Robin should send me a confirmation at their earliest convenience but by no later than December 15th, or decline the invitation allowing another bid to be selected.  
            Bids and or acceptances for bids for this tournament should be submitted by no later than December 15th, and schools will be notified of acceptance decisions as quickly as possible thereafter.  It looks like we will have at least twelve additional invitations to award this year if all the qualified automatic bids are accepted. 

We ask that bids only be submitted by the directors of the programs interested, but recommend that students contact their DOFs directly in case they are not tracking these list-serves to alert them to the request for bids and subsequent deadlines.  Please cross-post this Request for Bids to other parliamentary debate list serves or appropriate alternatives.  Thanks for your consideration.  We hope to see everyone interested in debating against these top programs competing at the Sunset Cliffs Classic also hosted on Pt Loma’s San Diego campus that first weekend in February.  Special thanks to Prof. Konrad Hack and an outstanding tab room that helps to run these tournaments.
Skip Rutledge, Ph D                                Voice  619.849.2391
Director of Forensics                                Fax 619.849.7015
Professor Communication and Theatre   e mail:
Point Loma Nazarene University   
Qualifying Route for Auto Bid                                                   2011 Schools earning Automatic Bids
PLNU RR - 1st Place                                                                      University of Oregon
PLNU RR - 2nd Place                                                                    Pepperdine University
Sunset Cliffs 1st Place                                                                   Southern Illinois University
Sunset Cliffs 2nd Place                                                                 University of Oregon
NPDA Year Long Sweeps 1st                                                     Whitman  College
NPDA Year Long Sweeps 2nd                                                   El Camino College
NPDA Tournament Sweeps - 1st                                             Whitman College
NPDA Tournament Sweeps - 2nd                                           University of Oregon tied with Washburn U.
NPDA Final Round - First                                                           University of Oregon
NPDA Final Round - Second                                                     Washburn University
Host School                                                                                      Point Loma Nazarene University
NPTE Top Team at Nationals                                                  University of Oregon
Top Community College 

SO… Auto bids are awarded to the following 7 schools: Please notify me if you wish to accept your bid.

El Camino College
Pepperdine University
Point Loma Nazarene University
Southern  Illinois University
University of Oregon
Washburn University
Whitman College