Lindsy Donnelly, ATC
ATC Insurance Coordinator/Athletic Trainer Adjunct Professor
(619) 849-2914
(619) 849-3215
Sport Assignments: Women's Soccer and Softball KIN Faculty

Susan Ganz, Ph.D., ATC
Rehabilitation Coordinator
(619) 849-2704
Sport Assignments: Volleyball, Men's & Women's Basketball, and Track

Megan Kemp, ATC
Staff Athletic Trainer
Sport Assignments: Cross Country and Track

Brandon Sawyer, M.Ed.
Assistant Professor
Director of Rehabilitation Services
(619) 849-2779
Sport Assignments: Men's Soccer, Men's Basketball, and Baseball

Jeff Sullivan, Ph.D., ATC
Associate Professor
Director of Athletic Training Education
(619) 849-2629
Sport Assignments: Men's Basketball and Men's & Women's Tennis