ATP Alumni

Graduates of the PLNU ATP include men and women who have and are serving in a wide variety of job settings. PLNU Alumni are currently serving as Head Athletic Trainers at numerous High Schools, Community Colleges, and Universities. Most of these professionals completed their Master's Degree following graduation at our university.

Some of our graduates are or have been employed in Sports Medicine/ Physical Therapy Clinics in the region.

In the professional Sports or Olympic sports realm our graduates have or are working for the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets of the National Football League; the Colorado Rapids of the Major Soccer League; the Olympic Training Center and the World University Games. One of our alumna on a missionary assignment in Austria has been providing Athletic Training service for an American Football Club.

Should you like to interview one of our alumni please contact the Director of the ATP, provide your email address and/ or telephone number and the Director will facilitate a contact.

Randy Boswell M.A., ATC Class of '87, Head Athletic Trainer at North Idaho College recently stated, "My educational experience at Point Loma has made a tremendoes impact on my career. Not only did the institution help me to build a solid foundation in Athletic Training, but it instilled in me the type of love and compassion that I have attempted to demonstrate towards our athletes and student athletic trainers. I am forever indebted to the people at Point Loma Nazarene University." Randy completed his Master's degree from San Diego State University. His thesis was entitled "Anthropometric Analysis of Baseball Players and Non-throwing College Athletes." Randy did an internship with the San Diego Chargers and worked for two Sports Medicine centers prior to taking his current position. He and his wife Jennifer have two children and live in Spokane, Washington.

Theron Enns M.A., ATC Class of '96, Assistant Athletic Trainer Colorado Rapids of the Major Soccer League. Theron completed his Master's Degree at Western Michigan University following his PLNU days. After a year at Villanova University as the Lead Athletic Trainer for the soccer and track and field teams he was an assistant with the New York Jets of the National Football League. His thoughts on PLNU, "My time at PLNU laid the foundation for me professionally and personnally. The knowledge I gained both in the classroom and in the training room prepared me for not only the academic world of graduate school but the working world as well. My experience in the training room taught me skills and techniques that I use every single day while at work. But the greatest thing I learned at PLNU was how to have a servant's heart. This is not written in textbooks or taught in the classroom by the faculty. It was etched on the hearts of people like Dr. Kugler and it permeated their personal lives. That lesson helped me realize that often the athlete's greatest need was not someone to fix the strains and sprains but someone to come along side of them, listen to them, support them emotionally and spiritually, and to invest in them as a person. I am forever grateful to have learned this."