Why choose a major in literature?

In an increasingly technological world, the strengths of a liberal arts education endure—our democratic society depends on people who can think critically, read analytically, understand interculturally, research deeply, articulate clearly, and write cogently. Employers highly ranked such abilities in Raising the Bar: Employers’  Views on College Learning in the Wake of the Economic Downturn (2010). Literature majors at PLNU cultivate these strengths in a Christian context that nurtures their interconnected intellectual and spiritual lives and equips them to be reasoned and ethical leaders in a variety of careers.


A literature major can lead to careers in:

  • Authorship
  • Blogging
  • Business
  • Editing
  • Education
  • Financial Industry
  • Higher Education (teacing and/or administration)
  • Government
  • Internet Publications
  • Law
  • Library Science
  • Management 
  • Ministry
  • Museum Writing and Curation
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Real Estate
  • Technical Writing
  • Website Writing and Design


Student Publications, Internships and Scholarships 

Honors Projects: For qualifying seniors in all department majors, these projects are excellent preparation for graduate school often becoming the M.A. or Ph.D. application writing sample.

Writing Center Tutors: Professional-level training and work in WRI370: Writing Theory and Pedagogy


  • Merit-based Departmental Scholarships
  • Fordyce Bennett Scholarship—Literature
  • R. Hesse Memorial Scholarship—Literature
  • Larry Finger Memorial Scholarship—Literature
  • Art Seamans/Michael McKinney Scholarship—Literature

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