The Writers’ Studio, located in Bond Academic 159, is a vibrant writing community where trained writing consultants work one-on-one with student writers in College Composition courses. 

The Process

These trained consultants work alongside student writers to meet them at their point of need and at all stages of the writing process.  The writer might work with a consultant to explore topic ideas, discuss and compose a main claim, find support for the main claim, or develop and reorganize the content of a process draft.  While the conversation in the session is about the written assignment, the focus is also on the writer. The tutor does not write for the writer because the pen remains in the writer’s hand; instead, the tutor asks questions to lead the writer into an understanding of what the writer knows but has not yet written into her or his draft.  The tutor affirms what the writer has done well in the draft and assesses what both the draft and the student need.  The tutor guides the writer in the revision process and into skill development.  Their working together enables the writer to become a more confident, skilled, and self-sufficient writer and thinker.

Studio Staff

Writers' Studio Director
Professor Charlene Pate


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