Southern California ACM Computer Programming Competition

On Saturday, November 10th 8 students from our department travelled to Riverside Community College to compete in the annual Southern California ACM Computer Programming Competition. The team photo is below (Tim Dixon was shy). Out of 75 teams, our three teams placed 28th, 36th, and 66th this year. Two of the three person teams solved three of the ten problems in the five hours given, under considerable pressure and without killing one another, all while sharing one computer. The problems, standings, and number of problems solved by each team are posted here.


Students from the 2012 team with coach, Dr. McKinstry.

Honors Projects


Sean Lewis celebrated the successful completion of his honors project entitled, "Simulation Based Application of Artificial Intelligence to General Game Playing" with advisor, Dr. McKinstry at the Honors Conference Banquet, Saturday, April 13, 2013. Sean is also the reigning NAIA National Champion in the 400 meter hurdles.