Associate Professor of Mathematics

  • Rohr Science 228
  • Phone: (619) 849-2968


Dr. Botts earned his PhD in Mathematics from Ohio University. Prior to doctoral work, he earned an MS in Mathematics from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a BS in Mathematics from the same institution. He is a recipient of the Ohio University Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award, and has served as chair of the Graduate Student Senate Grant Committee. Dr. Botts has worked as a high school math teacher and with the California State Early Assessment Project, which promotes student success on college math entrance exams.


Statistical learning, bioinformatics, data and applications are all areas I am interested in. Some days I am working as a bioinformatician interested in using the genomic sequences of antibiotic resistant bacteria to better understand the sources, acquisition and distribution of clinically relevant samples found in contaminated urban wetlands. Other days I am an applied mathematician working in numerical analysis, more specifically in machine learning in high-dimensions with tensor products, trying to build learning algorithms for novel applications. Working on a wide variety of interdisciplinary problems has led me into research on how to train the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists.

More information on current research in collaboration with Dr. David Cummings can be found at


In his free time, Dr. Botts stays active. He enjoys playing volleyball, running and biking.


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