Ruth Bullock, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruth Bullock retired from Point Loma in 2004.

This is an excerpt published in Viewpoint about her retirement.

Ruth Bullock knows a thing or two about college life. She joined the PLNU community long before she was a professor, and even before it was Point Loma.

Bullock moved from Indiana to California when her father was hired as a chef at Pasadena College. She attended Pasadena College, majoring in sociology, and went on to earn her master’s in social work from the University of Southern California and her doctorate from the University of Chicago. Her dissertation was entitled “College Life, Coping, Self Esteem and Depression.” Bullock began teaching at Point Loma in 1964 as an adjunct while she was also working as a social worker in Los Angeles County, and became a full-time professor in 1991. She has strong desires that the university will be an example of leadership and integrity in the midst of current crises.

For Bullock, retirement has turned her life in reverse. These days are filled with all the trappings that accompany her three adopted children, ages 14, 10 and 11, and their many furry and scaly pets. It looks like she’ll get to go through college three more times, so it’s a good thing she’s an expert.