To inform, support and inspire PLNU students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.

What is the E-Club?

We are a recently established organization here at Point Loma Nazarene University, whose goal is to provide optimal resources for individuals in our school’s community and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship. Our organization has been formed with the objective of creating a genuine synergy between students and key players in the San Diego business community. The PLNU E-Club is a place where students can exchange ideas and information with one another, with the sole objective of bringing together the various factors involved in the field of entrepreneurship.

Why we need you?

The student body is a vital part of the E-club. Diversity is important to the success of any organization. The E-club welcomes students from every major on campus to participate in the entrepreneurial spirit.

Why should you join?

Students involved in the association will have the benefits of:

Progressive Speaker Series - Successful entrepreneurs that personally teach CEO members the "how to" of business. You will be able to pursue your professional career witht he knowledge of how to develop an idea, create an enterprise, and grow that creation.

* Interactive Personal Development Workshops - We believe that we are all students of life.      Entrepreneurs are always looking to improve themselves. We have many programs that involve enhancing your personal skill sets such as: Networking skills, Time Management skills, Personal Selling skills, etc.

* Business Idea Groups - Students will have the opportunity to present a business idea at E-Club meetings. After presenting, there will be an open discussion using SWOT analysis, identifying key elements of the plan.

The E-Club offers on campus experience through managerial roles in events such as those previously listed, allowing each participant to interact with the speakers or business owners and learn what it takes to succeed in business and the hurdles others faced to arrive at this success. We hope to be able to help our members succeed in their goals, whether they are starting their own business, or just looking to get information on obtaining an internship.

Current President: To be determined

Past Presidents of PLNU E-Club

2010-2013 Ippolito De Luca
2009-2010 Hugh Scanlon

Faculty Advisor

Randal Schober