Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)

What is SIFE?

Students in Free Enterprise, (SIFE) is an international organization focused on making a difference in the world though community outreach lead by university students. The goal is to help the community to discover the economic potential each person holds. The projects cover: Market Economies, Success Skills, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Business Ethics

Currently, SIFE is active in 47 countries with over 1,500 university teams. The teams are lead by faculty advisors working in partnerships with corporations, non-profits, and individuals. The projects are showcased at competitions, which are held at regional, national and world level.

What Does the PLNU SIFE Team Do?

The PLNU SIFE club puts into practice what has been taught at the Fermanian School of Business in order to give back to the local San Diego community. This is accomplished through the JA-PLNU SIFE Entrepreneurial Partnership where PLNU SIFE consultants go into low-income high schools to teach students about entrepreneurship using one of Junior Achievement’s programs, The JA Company Program. The PLNU SIFE consultants mentor their students through the process of creating and running their own successful business by; choosing a business name and product, selling stock, creating a business plan and deciding which philanthropic endeavor to support with their profits! Students also develop their leadership skills, learn how to work in teams, and interact in professional settings.

Half way through the program, students attend the SIFE/JA Entrepreneurial Convention to listen to business leaders from San Diego speak on topics such as Finance, Marketing, and Social Responsibility. Then, after the in-class sessions have concluded, the entire program culminates with the SIFE/JA Entrepreneurial Competition where the students show off their entrepreneurial ideas to a group of judges to compete in the areas of; overall profitability, most original product, and most socially responsible. In the 2007-2008 school year 12 high school classes, and over 300 students, were able to participate in The JA Company Program.

Current President: Austin Donovan  

Past Presidents of SIFE

2014-present Austin Donovan
2013-2014 Adam Hout
2012-2013 Christopher Markham
2010-2012 Daniel Smith
2009-2010 Megan Smith

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kim Hogelucht

JA/SIFE Entrepreneurial Competition


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San Diego high school students tested their business acumen at San Diego’s first-ever Junior Achievement/Students in Free Enterprise Entrepreneurial Competition, Friday, May 2. The event was the culmination of the eight-week JA Company Program, a partnership between Junior Achievement of San Diego and Imperial Counties and Point Loma Nazarene University’s Students in Free Enterprise Club, which teaches students all aspects of running a successful business, including marketing, production, finance and human resources.

Point Loma business college students have mentored more than 300 students at participating San Diego County high schools and helped them form companies, sell stocks, develop business plans, and sell and market their products. Once the program is completed, students will be encouraged to donate the proceeds of their businesses to charities, schools and neighborhoods of their choice.

The competition took place at JA BizTown, a learning facility built to resemble a miniature metropolis, and be judged by a panel of business experts and alumni of the Junior Achievement program. Awards will be given to high school students with the most profitable company, most socially responsible company and those who produce the most original product. Students in Free Enterprise Club members will receive awards for outstanding mentorship and student leadership.

The event is sponsored in part by Kaiser Permanente, Sentre Partners and the associated student body of Point Loma Nazarene University.

Read More About the collaboration between Junior Achievement and SIFE in their 2007 Annual Report.