The Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Integrated Education major, offered at Point Loma's undergraduate campus is an ideal major for the integrated individual who seeks a broad education in a changing world.

  • Appropriate for students interested in cultivating a comprehensive academic understanding of the disciplinary areas particular to liberal arts.
  • Candidate will experience content from a variety of academic departments to apply an  interdisciplinary base of knowledge to a variety of careers
  • Provides for approximately 40 hours of fieldwork in teaching/learning practice in diverse and cross-cultural communities. 
  • Includes a 12-unit concentration of emphasis and a senior capstone research course to integrate personal, professional and faith-based strengths

Potential Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Integrated Education majors are invited to view the advising guide, to include how this major can easily convert to the Teacher Education major leading to the multiple subject credential, or special  education credential.  Some Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Integrated Education majors earn a credential post B.A. for versatility.

The advising guide for the Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Integrated Education major is designed to offer an "ideal" sequence for students entering Point Loma Nazarene University as freshmen. Since the "ideal" is not always the "real," the goal is to complete all requirements, not to follow the suggested sequence in lock step manner. For the most current and recent versions of this advising guide, please refer to the Student Resources page.

Any undergraduates, with other than Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Integrated Education majors, interested in teaching as a career, are strongly encouraged to choose the teaching major by the beginning of their junior year.  contact the School of Education at Evans Hall for on-going advising and the development of a long range teaching credential program plan by School of Education faculty.


Dr. Conni Campbell
Associate Dean
(619) 849-2532

Cross Disciplinary Studies