Angelica Almonte, PhD, RN

Associate Professor

  • Phone: 619-849-2767


  • University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, BSN
  • University of San Diego, San Diego, CA, MSN
  • University of San Diego, San Diego, CA, Ph.D.


Teaching Focus:

  • BSN Senior Leadership
  • BSN Senior Capstone Practicum
  • MSN Evidence-Based Practice Process 

Clinical Background/Academic Focus:

Over 25 years of experience as a nurse researcher, educator, administrator, and leader.  Clinical experience is mostly in the areas of maternal-child nursing (primarily in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Nursery, OBGYN Clinics) and ambulatory care (primary care, public health, health promotion).  Current focus:  leadership and management topics.  Current research interests are: Translational Research - EBP Integration & Outcomes; Interventional Studies or Redeployment Transition for Returning Military Personnel and their Families; Healthcare Outcomes Research; and all things having to do with Qualitative Research. 



  • Almonte, Angelica (2009).  Humanitarian Nursing Challenges: A Grounded Theory, Military Medicine, 174:5, 479-485.

Currently, an Associate Investigator on:

  • Comparing the Use of Simulation Versus Traditional Preceptorship Training in a Nurse Intern Program:  A Pilot Study
  • Joint Multi-Disciplinary Evidence Based Practice Complex Wound Care Guideline Development
  • Improving Quality and Reducing Costs in High Health Care Utilizers of Patient-Centered Medical Homes
  • Military Medics' Insight into Providing Women's Health Services 

Completed studies as Principal Investigator:

  • Stress Inoculation for Deployed Personnel
  • Navy Nurses' Experiences in Operation Unified Assistance Aboard the USNS MERCY: A Grounded Theory 

Completed studies as Associate Investigator (AI):

  • Psychometric Evaluation of a Triage Decision Making Inventory
  • Reflective Practice for Resident Physicians in Military Operational and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Clinical Knowledge Development:  Continuity of Care for War Injured Service Members
  • Back to Basics Intervention
  • Competency and Work Environments of Perioperative Nurses
  • Evaluation of Two Nurse Run Interventions for Blood Pressure Control: An Evidence Based Practice Project
  • Nurses Stories: Serving in the Military During Times of Conflict
  • Tobacco Use in Marine Recruits 

Podium and Poster Presentations available upon request.

Personal Note:

Mentoring, leading, and conducting nursing research are my passions and professional strengths.  My goal and calling is to utilize theses strengths to evangelize, equip, energize, esteem, entertain, and engage nursing students in the areas of leadership, management, research, and evidence based practice.  I humbly share my diverse clinical and administrative experiences and knowledge to help shape students as they learn to sacredly serve others in the work of nursing.  I am blessed with 2 awesome & adventurous sons, gracious parents, and the funniest & most supportive family & friends.