Frank Serna

Frank Serna

  • Director of Study Abroad
  • Phone: 619-849-2783


What did you study in school and where did you get your degree(s) from?

I received my M.S. in Counseling (Student Development in Higher Education) from Cal State Long Beach and my B.A. in Communication - Business from Point Loma Nazarene University.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Baldwin Park, CA and grew up in various cities surrounding Los Angeles.  I went to high school in Tulare, CA and have now lived in San Diego longer than anywhere else.

What countries have you visited?

After graduating from PLNU, I spent several years traveling, and then working to make enough money to travel again.  I also spent a year living in a small Swiss-German village and have had the opportunity to lead several short-term mission/volunteer groups to places like Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Turkey, and more.  My goal is to visit at least one country for every year of my life.  I'm hoping that will keep me traveling when I'm old so I can ride that flat-bed cart through the airport.

What is your favorite place you've visited in the world?

This question, though tough to answer, always comes down to where I could see myself going back and living someday. Inevitably, that would be either Ethiopia or anywhere in Central America.  The hospitality, kindness, general attitude towards life, and ever-present sense of humor of the people in these two places fits me more than anywhere else in the world.

What is the next place you would like to visit in the world?

Greece is next, and I would also like to see the Aurora Borealis in Norway.

If you could live in any other city in the world, what would it be and why?

Jimma, Ethiopia