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MajorI am studying Management and Organizational Communication to learn how to effectively communicate better as a leader.

 Minor: I am minoring in Psychology in an effort to better understand people (especially teen development) and also minoring in International Development Studies to develop a global understanding of the world. 

Age: 20 years old 

Career Goal

 I am passionate about leadership, mentoring others and public speaking. I would love to one day combine my passions and open up a mentorship facility that targets at 

risk youth and inspires the adolescents to live a life full of purpose that chases after their own passions and callings.

City, Country, School: 

 Semester at Sea is a study abroad program that travels to 14 different countries around the world. I will be visiting England, Russia, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina Brazil and Cuba!

Why did you choose this location? 
I have wanted to do this study abroad program since I was nine years old! I have waited for this incredible opportunity ever since I met a student in Hawaii who was a part of the program. Although my nine-year-old mine struggled to fully comprehend the concept of a traveling school, I still scribbled down “Semester at Sea” on a near by napkin to be sure that I would never forget the program’s name. As I stashed that napkin into my suitcase later that night I remember thinking that this was an opportunity I just had to experience one day. Now, eleven years have passed by and I can’t believe I finally have the opportunity to go aboard this cruise ship and explore the world as part of my college experience! 
What are you most excited to do while abroad?  
I am so excited to have my personal faith, perspective and overall outlook on this world challenged as I travel from country to country. I am excited to meet people around the world and witness their customs, traditions, and lifestyle firsthand. I can’t wait to contrast all these new experiences with my own life. I am excited to see God’s beauty in a whole new light, and to watch the surprises He has planned for me unfold before my very eyes as I pursue this once in a lifetime adventure.
What is your favorite item from home that you are bringing? 
My favorite item from home that I will be bringing is going to be my camera! I love taking photos and will be documenting this trip like crazy!

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