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  • London, England


Major: Writing and Literature double major 

Minor: Communications 

Age: 21 years young

Career Goal: Acquisitions editor for Scholastic Inc.

City, Country, School: I’m studying with the PLNU London Semester program in Great Britain 

Why did you choose this location? 
 I’ve wanted to study in Britain for as long as I could remember because it is the birthplace of all my favorite authors and books. Plus, since I have the same name as the queen of England and just as many corgis as she does, I figure it’s meant to be.
What are you most excited to do while abroad?  
See a Shakespeare play in the city it was first performed in (and visit platform 9 ¾…).
What is your favorite item from home that you are bringing? 
Probably my journal that I made out of an old book for future musings

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