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  • Auckland, New Zealand


Major: Business

Age: 19

Career Goal: Eventually, I would love to start-up a Middle / High School Christian Camp that integrates sports, outdoors, and the love of Jesus Christ.

City, Country, School: Studying at University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Why did you choose this location? I chose New Zealand because it is known for its beauty, its outdoor adventures, Lord of the Rings, and mainly because they speak English which will make integrating into a new culture much easier for me.

What are you most excited to do while abroad?  It is hard for me to narrow down all that I am excited about, but I would say that I am most thrilled to live outside of San Diego since I have grown up here for 19 years, to surf world famous breaks, to snorkel, to bungee jump, to live on a private island in Fiji for a weekend, and of course, to hear their amazing accents for six months!

What is your favorite item from home that you are bringing? Running Shoes! There are going to be countless unique and gorgeous running paths that I will crave to run on and observe the nature around me. I am so excited to see God's Creation outside of San Diego, and what better way to enjoy his Creation than running right in the middle of it?


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