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  • Seoul, South Korea


Major: International Studies

Age: 18

 Career Goal: As of right now, I'm not really sure but I want to believe that perhaps I can be a professional ice cream taster or a really smart business person. 

 City, Country, School: 

I'll be studying in Seoul, South Korea at Korea University with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Why did you choose this location? 

I chose to study in Seoul so I can understand more of who I am, since I am Korean and haven't had the opportunity to ever live there.

What are you most excited to do while abroad?  

I'm most excited to travel to all the various provinces and go to some interesting festivals such as one that celebrates big prawns!

What is your favorite item from home that you are bringing? 

 My favorite item from home that I'm bringing is my mini instant polaroid camera because it's fun and tiny.


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