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  • Vienna, Austria


Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing

Age: 20

Career Goal: Hotel Sales/Marketing

 Studying in - Vienna, Austria at the University of Vienna through Institute for Global Education (IGE)

Why did you choose this location?  I have a German heritage, and all the women in my family speak the German language so I wanted to go to a German speaking country to become immersed in the language and the culture

What are you most excited to do while abroad? I am looking forward to experiencing Vienna as a the Viennese do in daily life and observing the differences and similarities to what I have experienced in the states.  I am also looking forward to becoming a member at a church in German and learning about how others serve God in Austria.

What is your favorite item from home that you brought/are bringing? An empty scrapbook that I want to fill with daily memories (in addition to my blog of course)

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