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  • Galway, Ireland


Major: Political Science

Age: 23

Career Goal: To work as a Foreign Service Officer in another country, or to work with the State Department

City, Country, School name: Galway, Ireland at the National University of Ireland through International Studies Abroad (ISA)

Why did you choose this location? I've really wanted to see Europe (for years now) and I've been drawn to the beauty and captivating culture of the Irish. I want to soak it all in and see as much as possible, while studying the fascinating political climate in Ireland.

What are you most excited to do while abroad? Explore, discover, and learn! I can't wait to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell Ireland! I want to be fully immersed within the culture, connect with the people, enjoy living in Europe, and travel to experience as much as I possibly can when time permits.

What is your favorite item from home that you are bringing? My sketchbook. I can't wait to document my experiences in somewhat unconventional ways...through painting, sketching, photographing, (maybe even through taping or gluing in random items) and writing about the experiences, I hope to leave with a lovely homemade souvenir! It's something I can look back on and relive the memories in an easy, tangible, and affordable way.


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